TC Custom Wood Works Installs New Countertops For Traverse City Homeowner

Traverse City, MI based TC Custom Wood Works is pleased to share a recent project in which they successfully installed new countertops for one of their customers. Upon exploring what the customer had in mind, the company’s experienced staff were able to give them a great deal that was much less expensive without compromising at all in terms of quality.

According to TC Custom Wood Works, the homeowner had become tired of their old island (which had granite and a defunct electric stove top). In their search for a professional who could deliver the upgrade they were considering, they came across TC Custom Wood Works. This quickly led to the customer sending the company a picture of what they wanted, a high end piece of granite that they originally saw online, and the company then set about giving the customer exactly what they wanted.

New Replacement Kitchen Island Top TC Custom Wood Works

Dan from TC Custom Wood Works says, “when the clients showed me the high end granite that they wanted as an accent piece, they knew that they could never match the original granite. Then they showed me some blue opal piece from Spain, which would have been about $15,000 for this small little area. We were able to get it done for less than $1,500 installed, including removing the old granite and cooktop.”

It was extremely important to the team that their customer got a countertop that was as high quality as possible without feeling like a compromise in any way. In pursuit of this goal, they were able to leverage their longstanding experience in the industry as well as their connections to find a material that suited their customer’s tastes and perfectly embodied the atmosphere they wanted in their home. Dan emphasizes that, “TC Custom Wood Works strives to provide the highest quality woodworking and kitchen countertops at an affordable price.”

Given that the company specializes in custom epoxy countertops, cabinetry and similar pieces, their customers tend to find that the company is fully capable of taking virtually any vision and building it to their satisfaction. As one customer, Stephen T., says in their 5-Star review, “I absolutely love my custom live edge and epoxy table from TC Custom Wood Works. The kitchen island looks amazing as well. Dan is working on some new custom wood sinks for the master bathroom upstairs as well as a new countertop in the master bath. His prices are fair, the quality is amazing. I would highly recommend TC Custom Wood Works for any woodworking or kitchen and bath projects.”

Similarly, Mark D.’s 5-Star Google review shares, “Wow. I loved working with Dan and his team. They came out to our family vacation home on Glen Arbor and remodeled our kitchen area, with all new custom wood cabinets and an amazing hardwood floor. We are so happy to have come across an amazing contractor that has great pricing, shows up on time and does great work. If you live in Northern MI, I highly recommend working with TC Custom Wood Works.”

TC Custom Wood Works considers it their mission to share their passion and talent for woodworking with their customers, and they understand how the right upgrade or remodel can change how a person feels about their home. As such, they take every precaution they can to ensure both they and their customer are always on the same page.

They also wish to reassure their community that they are doing everything in their power to maintain safe social distancing in order to preserve the safety of both their contractors and customers. While recent events have meant the company has had to overcome certain challenges to stay open, they are pleased to report that their customers have had to endure little to no reduction in service. Dan invites customers to reach out with their ideas, stating, “We look forward to serving our neighbors in Northern Michigan, whether they want bookshelves, beds, tables or lamps built.”

More information can be found on the TCCustomWoodWorks website. Similarly, customers may follow the company via their social media platforms to stay abreast of their latest news and announcements.


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