Talisman Casualty Insurance Company Gives Businesses Access To Cell Captive Insurance

Las Vegas, Nevada based Talisman Casualty Insurance Company is pleased to share that their services grant business access to cell captive insurance. This specialized field allows businesses, deemed by more conventional insurance providers for being too risky to insure, to essentially insure themselves via a special purpose vehicle insurance company. Talisman Casualty Insurance Company is ready and willing to place their vast experience in this field at the disposal of businesses that require such measures to maintain their operations.

Where one unfamiliar with the field might believe that any business that chooses to insure themselves is setting themselves up for failure, since any losses they have to insure will be suffered by the entire company, but this is not the case. A cell captive arrangement allows a business to purchase a class of preference shares from a registered insurer, such as Talisman Casualty Insurance Company (whose insurance policies and bonds are duly licensed, regulated and authorized insurance transactions governed by the laws of the state of Nevada) in order to make a cell.

In practice, each cell is ‘ring-fenced,’ which is to say that no cross subsidization may take place. Each cell has to be both individually sound and solvent. In turn, this also implies that any single cell’s failure would not be suffered by other cells, and creditors may not be able to place a claim on any assets that belong to those other cells. Those interested in learning more about Talisman Casualty claims are welcome to reach out to the firm’s representatives with all their inquiries. Talisman Casualty Insurance Company recognizes that many businesses may be unfamiliar with this field, and they are eager to share the benefit of their own vast experience and expertise to give their clients the peace of mind they are looking for.

One of the main benefits that cell captive participants enjoy is flexibility; they may acquire only as much or as little support as they expressly wish from Talisman Casualty Insurance Company in their claims management process. For instance, the firm would be able to design their client’s risk benefits, develop an associated premium, and offer any other associated service that is required. Conversely, the client may choose to handle most of these functions on their own, minimizing the role that Talisman Casualty Insurance Company plays in their operations.

This flexibility extends to the amount of risk the client wants to carry as well. Talisman Casualty Insurance Company gives them the option of sharing that risk with other entities, either first or third party, in return for a share of the premiums they earn (this is known as reinsurance). Notably, clients should be aware that working with Talisman gives them access to international reinsurance markets, thereby opening up an entire host of possibilities for them to choose from.

According to Talisman Casualty Insurance Company, they are, “A Las Vegas-based company that offers various insurance claims and programs. We focus on protected cell captive insurance, and our services are primarily targeted at the specialty insurance sector. Companies like Talisman Casualty are the perfect solution for businesses that are launching a new product or expanding capacity in restricted markets.”

They add, “Our Talisman Casualty claims administration is as efficient and responsive as possible, and our underwriting is done in ways that build relationships, thanks to personal attention. Many clients and consumers look at the modern insurance world and start wondering where all the great service went. We at Talisman Casualty try to keep the old traditions of service alive and well, where we have tremendous experience in connecting with many different insured parties. That means that we have spent a lot of time already not just learning various businesses, but learning how to understand a business as well.”

More information regarding the insurance expert and their services in cell captive insurance can be found on their official website and other online materials. Furthermore, interested parties may connect with the company through their social media platforms to stay abreast of their latest news and developments. Learn more about what the agency has to offer here: Talisman Casualty Lawsuit.


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