Takeout is Booming During the Pandemic with Sticky Labels for Customer Safety

As takeout orders continue to experience a boon driven by the pandemic, the demand for branded custom stickers is higher than ever. Custom stickers serve as an important branded touchpoint, adding to the overall experience that customers have come to expect.

In today’s world of content marketing and sophisticated brand experiences, customers have high expectations in regards seeing items properly branded and receiving helpful information from the brand. Restaurant stickers designed specifically for takeout orders can help your brand meet customers’ high expectations.

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One use case for custom stickers is to provide important nutritional information. As people battle with extra pounds brought on by pandemic-related social distancing and spending more time at home, food label stickers for takeout can add value to customers. With these labels, restaurants can clearly outline approximate calories and important information like highlights about sustainability or other positive brand attributes.

But perhaps more importantly, during this pandemic, tamper-evident seals placed on takeout packages allow customers to feel safer with the knowledge that no one has tampered with their food. This added layer of security can make customers feel safer that delivery drivers or any other employees might accidentally open their packages and possibly touch their food. As the pandemic rages on, tamper proof stickers can make a huge difference.

Additionally, when ordering multiple dishes for multiple people at one location, it's important to know which package contains which dish. Labeling each bag or box with unique information containing each individual order or dish allows delivery services like DoorDash or Uber Eats drivers to easily and quickly differentiate between orders, without having to create any food security issues.

Labels that are branded properly with the restaurant’s specific contact information, business hours and social media channels can help keep the restaurant's name at the front of their customer's minds. Lastly, listing each dish's preparation time and date can be very helpful to customers.

As people's lives have changed during the pandemic, most people prefer eating at home, and ordering more takeout means more leftovers that can last for several days. Listing each food’s preparation time and date offers customers reminders to finish food by a certain date, avoiding spoilage.

Michael Nova, president of Nova Custom Printing explains, "I think that during this pandemic, communication is more important than ever. By printing take-out labels with important information, restaurants can not only inform customers, but also successfully brand themselves in unique and creative ways. For instance, custom foil labels offer a distinctive elegant look that stands out on retail packaging."

Considering the entire customer journey, brands with on-the-shelf products can earn additional brand awareness with custom printed food and beverage labels that help them stand out among a sea of competitors. Nova Custom Printing has a broad range of label options designed for food packaging and beverage products. This includes options for drink labels, product information, expiration and more.

Customers looking for a solution in a hurry can take advantage of the printer’s same day printing service which turns around the high-quality labels in hours rather than days.


New York-based Nova custom label printing company website offers free quotes within hours or sooner. With fast turnaround that averages jobs printed in a matter of hours, Nova maintains some of the quickest production times in the industry.


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