Tails Of Success Is Providing Professional Dog Training Services In Virginia Beach

Tails Of Success is providing professional accredited dog training services in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and throughout the Hampton Roads area. Tails of Success offers programs that address canine-related issues such as raising puppies, problem-solving, socialization, separation anxiety, reactivity/aggression, and gently introducing dogs to children in the household. Readers can visit its website at https://tailsofsuccessvb.com/ to find out more information about all of its services.

Excited families that are adopting their first puppy need to spend some time getting the puppy used to the challenges of daily life. Tails of Success solves this problem by offering private lessons that teach owners the principles of raising a well-mannered and social puppy. The programs also help dog owners sustain the reinforcement of good behaviors. The program focused on raising puppies teaches topics such as housebreaking, socialization exercises, handling skills, confidence building, basic obedience, management skills, and owner education of puppy development.

The founder of the company, Jon Horwitz, started learning about dog psychology as a way to help his own first pet, Sandi, ease her anxiety. He learned from a local dog trainer and eventually took a deep interest in the world of animal behavior and dog training. Soon after, he began an internship with the Freckled Paw, a dog training collective, which progressed to a full-time job. Jon racked up valuable experience in basic obedience, crate, and house training for new puppies, bringing newly adopted dogs into homes with other dogs, and handling reactive dogs. He passed and received his certification as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) in February 2019 and became a full-time trainer with the Freckled Paw. He joined the VBSPCA Pet Academy team in August 2019, where he created a curriculum and taught classes for newly adopted puppies and their owners. Jon is now bringing his wealth of experience to benefit the many pet owners throughout Hampton Roads.

When asked to elaborate on the methodology employed by Tails of Success, Jon says, “We are excited to help residents throughout Hampton Roads welcome their new furry friends into their life with the least amount of friction. We want to make the experience of adopting, living with, and growing up with a canine companion as effortless and enjoyable as possible. To follow through on our mission, we offer pet owners an initial consultation to discuss training solutions that are appropriate to their goals. Once we understand the kind of bond that you are willing to foster with your adopted loved one, we draft a personally tailored program that fits your exact needs. We customize our services so that your favorite furball is trained to behave exactly as you would like him them to. You will be delighted with how quickly you are able to mold your cuddly friend’s behavior to match your own personality. We even offer real-time virtual pet training sessions and consultations via Skype or Facetime. So if you are in the Hampton Roads area and are thinking of adopting or have already welcomed a furry companion to your home, give us a call. You will be amazed by our services.”

An excerpt from a testimonial on Jon’s services from a satisfied customer says, “Jon came in on Day 1, listened to everything I had observed with Corbin, and got right to work. By the end of our first session we mapped out a two-week plan, which included “detox”, and right away there was a difference. When we met every few weeks he would teach me several strategies. Each one is built on the previous ones. I would email him videos of our work and he gave me great feedback. I would recommend Jon Horwitz without reservation to anyone who has a dog in need of training.”

Tails Of Success can be contacted at the phone number 757-348-8029 or at the email address info@tailsofsuccessvb.com. Readers can also follow the company on its Facebook to stay updated with its blog posts and service updates.

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