T-Minus "not holding back" with aggressive push into new markets

Australia-based video ad agency T-Minus has launched a series of projects in line with what founder Austin Lovell has referred to as their "Master Plan".

The plan outlines the company's direction and objectives for the next 6-12 months, and a more broad look at what the future of T-Minus will look like. New ventures in other direct-response advertising mediums, as well as extending their presence in e-commerce top the list. New projects in education round out the pack.

Austin Lovell, Founder of T-Minus

"We are at a very important time in the history of the company. It's very early days, and this is where we can move extremely fast and push the boundaries," said Lovell. "We've always adopted a day one mentality, and there are exciting opportunities ahead."

To better serve their existing clients, T-Minus will invest heavily in learning more from the inside out - building their own brands.

"It's something we've always had in the back of our minds since T-Minus started in 2020. Running our own brands gives us the ability to really push the envelope, and use them as a sandbox for new ideas."

Health, beauty, consumer tech, homewares and apparel are among the key industries T-Minus expects to have a "strong presence" in by the end of Q2 2021.

With many still in development, T-Minus has named SolaGarden, Silki, Trendspace, Keis, Roll-It, Moonshot, Last Dance, Little Dot, Geronimo, Rhodes, Arthur Wilder, Re(do), Happy Days and Phase4 amongst its next launches.

"Launching new brands will allow us to test, and better serve our clients. The next logical step for us was to look at other mediums beside video ads that could really move the money needle for any e-commerce brand."

"We've received awesome feedback from early iterations of our products. There's been some great feedback, and every bit of it is gold for us. Things like "Quality without the price tag", "your golden ticket to good times", "the best quality product you'll find", "A new spin on a classic. They've nailed it", "Making mistakes was never this much fun", "I've been using it for 2 months and I absolutely love it", "Currently obsessed with it", "Meet the product that will have your neighbours talking", "Who said style had to be expensive? It wasn't these guys" and "a perfect gift for that notoriously hard person to buy for". It just goes on and on."

Next for T-Minus is launching into new advertising markets.

"The next frontiers in advertising for T-Minus are email and UGC. We are going to bring the same ruthless simplicity and data-backed decision-making mindset to these new areas," Lovell added.

Crafted, Rover, Spac_e, Tell Me, YouGC and Raval are all companies under development by the T-Minus innovation team.

"The final piece for us in our Master Plan Part 1 is education - so we are developing a fully-facilitated innovation program for schools, which we call Square Peg. Square Peg is about building entrepreneurial thinking, giving students an unfair advantage amongst their peers. We are trialling the program in a few select local schools. Still early days, but education is something we are really excited about."

2021 is shaping up to be a key year for T-Minus, and Lovell said that part 1 of the "Master Plan" is "the first of many".


For more information about T-Minus, contact the company here:

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