Syracuse Tree Service Experts Provide Tree Care Maintenance Tips For Property Owners

Syracuse Tree Service Experts, a top tree care provider in Syracuse, NY is committed to providing quality services and useful information to help tree owners maintain healthy and vibrant trees. The company warns that scorching summer heat can put stress on trees and cause damage if tree owners are not careful.

Summer is here and property owners are searching for competent tree service providers to care for their beautiful trees. Syracuse Tree Service Experts, with their certified arborist lead tree service teams, is available to help property owners maintain their valuable curb appeal.

Tree Service Professionals

Stressed trees are more susceptible to diseases and insect infestations. When a tree becomes stressed, there may be many reasons why it has weakened like too much sunlight or over watering, which can cause the roots of the plant to rot from too much moisture in its soil. Trees should also be check for any injuries that could have been caused by open wounds on the tree's trunk. Insects and fungi crawl through easy access points into healthy wood tissue beneath bark as well as break other branches apart with their destructive feeding habits. When tree owners see anything suspicious on their beloved oak tree outside, especially if they are showing signs such as leaves turning brown or shedding them earlier than usual, it is best to invest in professional help quickly.

Syracuse Tree Service Experts is a family-owned tree service company with over 25-years of experience caring for the natural landscape of communities in Syracuse and Onondaga County. The company's goal is to provide exceptional tree service to all residential and commercial clients looking to maintain or improve the natural surroundings of their homes and businesses.

Company representative, Laney Cassandra, had this to say about the company. “From pruning and trimming to arborist tree service and tree removal, we offer all types of tree services in Syracuse. Armed with years of tree service experience, ultra-modern tree service tools, and a passionate team, we make the most complicated tree service procedures quick and safe. Before getting started with any tree service procedure, we listen to our customer’s needs. We then combine our knowledge with their ideas to bring out results that exceed expectations.”

For property owners who care about their trees and landscape, Syracuse Tree Service Experts recommends these tips.

Check for oozing sap in tree trunks and branches. This is a sign that tree is unhealthy and infested with insects or diseases, which most likely will spread it to other plants around the yard.

Be careful to water trees only when needed. Check the soil to determine if the tree requires water. Over watering, is just as dangerous and can cause the trees' roots to rot. A tree can live for weeks without any water, especially during hot, dry weather.

Use fresh mulch around the trunk of the tree to reduce weeds and control moisture loss in the tree's root zone. Mulch is also a good thermal insulator to protect tree roots from temperature extremes and prevent freeze-and-thaw damage in winter.

Schedule an inspection for trees by a certified arborist at least once a year if the tree is more than 15-years-old. To assure trees remain healthy, it is vital that a professional tree care expert inspects them. "Arborist" is a general term and does not specify any particular level of competency. Only a Certified Arborist can provide a professional inspection, accurate diagnosis, and recommendation of an effective treatment plan to rid them of insects and disease.

Trees are a vital part of the environment that all should care for. However, as they grow older and larger in size, it becomes difficult to maintain the health of these magnificent plants without professional help. Property owners, whether residential or commercial, should consider hiring an arborist certified by ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) so their trees can continue living long and healthy lives.

To learn more about how Syracuse Tree Service Experts can help keep treetop canopies beautiful year-round visit their company website or call their customer service at 315-333-7757.


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