Syracuse Flooring Contractor Pairs Affordable Products With Uncompromising Quality

Syracuse, NY carpet provider Magic Carpets is pleased to highlight the efforts of owner Aaron Horan, who has been hard at work bringing top quality residential and commercial flooring options to local residents. Along with the rest of the team at Magic Carpets, Horan seeks to ensure that his community can always pick an affordable and attractive product that does not compromise on quality in any way.

Since their launch more than two decades ago, the company has kept their customers’ best interest at heart in every decision they make. This policy extends throughout the company’s services, from the excellent products they feature in their catalogue to how willing they are to lend expert advice wherever necessary. The company’s staff understand that their community may not always know what suits their home or business, which is why they are always ready to have a frank discussion regarding the subject. The intent here, Horan explains, is to put customers at ease and help them make the right choice in every purchase, one that they will feel satisfied with for years to come.

“Every product or service you get from a flooring contractor should be designed to last you several years,” says the flooring contractor in Syracuse. “While this is the expectation any customer has when they go shopping for new furnishings, it is not always the case. We’ve had many come to us following a bad run-in with a sub-standard contractor or store that left them feeling let down. Our mission is to do the exact opposite: give you products that stand the test of time as well as offer you a professional and sincere service that makes your life easier. On top of this, we work with our community to figure out what they need the most. Among other benefits, this means you will never leave our store without finding something you like that is also affordable and of high quality.”

Syracuse’s communities have been able to find carpets, vinyl flooring, ceramic tile, hardwood, laminate and industrial flooring at the store ever since Horan first opened its doors. His aim, he explains, has always been to help customers avoid the nuances of overpriced flooring and sub-par service provided by commercial chains. His personal experience with the Syracuse flooring industry goes back a quarter of a century, and this period allowed him to develop an especially strong work ethic as well as an eye for detail — both of which are strengths he cultivates in his team at Magic Carpets. In addition to helping ensure the company runs smoothly behind the scenes, Horan is adamant that customers experience the benefit of these traits as well. As a result, the community has had little but exceedingly high praise to share regarding the company and their services.

One 5-Star Google review from JoAnna Dorr compliments Horan’s personal involvement in their project, explaining that, “Working with Aaron was great, and we will definitely be using him in the future. We needed a really quick turn around for a new tenant and Aaron was able to help, made coordination very easy and was very reasonably priced. I highly suggest this company.”

An excerpt from another review by Matt Deloff reads, “Aaron and his team were nothing short of amazing. They showed up on time, were very professional, set a realistic timeline and completed everything according to that timeline, and the results were amazing. So happy a friend referred these guys to us. Made the selling of my dads home that much easier. Thanks, Aaron and team. I would definitely recommend your services to anybody who needs new flooring in Syracuse.”

Magic Carpets is also pleased to install carpets and flooring for their customers, who need only request this service if required. Similarly, if they wish to follow up on any further inquiries regarding the company’s products, services or availability, they are welcome to get in touch with Aaron Horan at their earliest convenience. Additional information can be found on their official website and social media platforms as well.


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