Sydney Office Cleaning Provider Ready To Take On New Clients

NSW based Clean Group Sydney is pleased to announce that they are ready to deliver their industry-leading services to office and commercial clients in the area. The company’s services have proven invaluable to businesses that wanted to maintain a safe, sanitary and clean environment for staff as well as customers over the past year. Since they recognise that this need has not abated, they encourage the local business community to get in touch today for a reliable and thorough cleaning service.

Clean Group has been in the cleaning industry for more than 20 years, and their commitment to their work is reflected in the way they approach each client’s requirements. While many aspects of a cleaning service may be similar in nature between multiple properties, the company holds the belief that no two clients are the same. As a result, they make it a point to treat each new client as a whole new entity who will need more personalised attention and a fully customisable plan of action that will ensure their business receives the correct treatment. In practice, this means that Clean Group delivers a service that matches what their client requires, no more and no less. They are also quite affordable.

Suji Siv of Clean Group explains, “Your schedule, your staff, the layout of your business’ premises and even your security standards will contribute to the plan we develop to give you an appropriate thorough cleaning service, among many other factors. Many of our clients also prefer not to be distturbed during their business hours, for instance, so it is not uncommon for our team to arrive on time after hours to take care of the property and get it ready for the next day. Our service typically covers two vital aspects as well — hygiene and cleanliness.”

Siv goes on to say, “The former means that every surface will be wiped down with cleaning solutions of suitable strength, eliminating any risk of contamination that may have been introduced in the time since your last cleaning. On the other hand, the latter means that your premises will always look presentable and welcoming when your staff arrive in the morning. A business’ professional appearance can make customers want to return later as well as help sustain morale among employees, so having desks and chairs arranged, dustbins emptied and extraneous litter disposed of is vital. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about handling any of this. You only need to get in touch with us and engage our team’s assistance. We’ll take care of the rest.” Learn more at the following link: Office Cleaning Sydney.

In light of recent events, one of the most important details that every business in the region has to consider is COVID-19 safety. As the virus is known to last for some time on certain surfaces in addition to being transferred directly between people, it is extremely important for a business to have their premises sanitized and disinfected in order to keep their staff and customers safe (as well as maintain their ability to continue operating). Safety concerns regarding the virus now mean that a business may have to be shut down completely to allow it to be sanitised to a satisfactory degree. Such a shutdown, as many know, may spell disaster for a business that has already been running on tighter margins over the past year. To avoid this, businesses should take the preemptive measure of disinfecting and sanitising their premises on a regular basis.

Fortunately, Clean Group has risen to this challenge by introducing their COVID-19 Disinfection and Protection Shield Cleaning protocol, the first session of which is completely free for certain new clients. This innovative technique utilizes a combination of Electrostatic Sprayer application technology and Zoono-71 Surface Sanitiser. In practice, this potent combination kills up to 99.99% of germs present for up to 30 days, allowing businesses to conduct their operations unhindered for several weeks before they need another service carried out. Notably, this sanitisation protocol is also TGA Approved. Given the crucial nature of this service, the company urges their community to sign up today for their first COVID-19 Disinfection and Protection Shield Cleaning.

Suji Siv and the team of commercial cleaners at Clean Group may be reached by phone or email for further details, and additional information regarding their experience, services and more can be found on their official website. The company also maintains a presence on multiple social media platforms.


For more information about Clean Group, contact the company here:

Clean Group
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14 Carrington St, Sydney NSW 2000