Sydney Holistic Dental Centre Takes into Account the Natural Cure for Root Canal

Sydney Holistic Dental Centre, based in Sydney, NSW, Australia, has explained that they always consider the two opposing views with regards to root canal treatment and determine what would be better for each particular patient. The view that is against root canal treatment is based on the potential negative impact of the long-term presence of bacteria and toxins within a tooth on the immune system and the patient’s health. The other view, which is for root canal treatment, argues that as long as the root canal is performed to the highest standards and the bone supporting the tooth regenerates, the remaining bacteria and toxins will only be minimal and the immune system would be able to deal with them.

It should be noted that root canal is a very difficult procedure to be performed by a dentist if it has to be done to the highest standards. This is because the quality of the root canal will depend on the dentist’s skills, knowledge and experience; the patient’s immune system; and the anatomy of the particular tooth.

Root Canal Treatment

The question is why would a patient need a root canal. The issue is the pulp within the tooth may die as a result of trauma or decay and it may then become gangrenous. There may be some pain but oftentimes it is not painful at all. If untreated, the bacteria and toxins from the gangrenous pulp can become an abscess, which is pus that builds up at the root tip, which has the ultimate result of loss of supporting bone for the tooth. A root canal is required because the bacteria and toxins in the dead tissue inside the tooth will need to be cleaned out from inside the tooth. There is no way for the body’s immune system to fight the bacteria and toxins because there is no more blood supply for the dead tissue.

The dentists at Sydney Holistic Dental Centre will always take into account the two opposing perspectives about root canal when treating a particular patient. As much as possible, they will take into account the natural cure for root canal. They will carefully assess the situation of a particular patient on whether root canal can help. If not, the alternative is tooth extraction and the dentist will need to completely curette the extraction site. After extraction, the missing tooth will need to be replaced.

For the replacement of the missing tooth, there are a number of alternatives. These can include fixed bridge work, removable partial dentures, or dental implants. In the fixed bridge work, a dental crown is placed on either side of the missing tooth or teeth. The potential issue with this alternative is that the nerve in the supporting tooth may be dying and there is also an increased risk of periodontal disease. The dentist will be taking all of these into consideration when determining the appropriate treatment for the patient.

The use of removable partial dentures as a replacement for the extracted tooth or teeth is a common option. However, these may cause some inconvenience for the patient because they will have to be removed and cleaned by the patient after every meal. There is also a higher risk for periodontal disease and the nearby teeth and gums that support the denture may suffer from increased wear and tear. Dentures are also less comfortable compared to natural teeth.

Dental implants offer the advantage of working like a natural tooth. However, the procedure will be more complex. Implants that are often made of titanium will need to be placed in the jaw bone, after which there would a three to four month wait before the abutment and crown could be placed. But once these have been placed, the dental implant will function like a natural tooth.

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