Sydney Holistic Dental Centre’s Holistic Approach to Root Canal Takes the Middle Path Between Two Opposing Views

Sydney Holistic Dental Centre, based in Sydney, NSW, Australia, has taken note of a controversial documentary film on Netflix that claims that root canals can cause cancer. Netflix has quietly removed the film titled, “Root Cause,” from its streaming platform after it was opposed by the American Dental Association, American Association of Endodontists, and American Association of Dental Research. These professional organisations claimed that the film is spreading misinformation as its claims are not supported by scientific evidence. The film was directed by Australian director Frazer Bailey and it alleges that root canals cause heart disease, cancer, and other serious illnesses. The documentary film claims that the best way to deal with an infected or injured tooth is simple tooth extraction.

The holistic dentists at Sydney Holistic Dental Centre point out that the said documentary film is based on two opposing views about root canal treatment. One particular view claims that bacteria and toxins within a tooth is a challenge to the immune system and that the bioenergetics of having a dead tooth on a meridian line impacts a person’s health.

Root canal treatment

The other view is that if a root canal treatment is well done to the highest standards and the regeneration of bone occurs then any exposure to bacteria and their toxins is minimal and adequately dealt with by the body’s immune system. Additionally, while the nerve in the tooth is no longer present, the tooth will be sitting in bone and periodontal ligament that are still very much alive.

Meanwhile, in their holistic approach to root canal, the dentists at Sydney Holistic Dental Centre take the middle path. They are open to both views, and what they do is assess each patient on whether a root canal therapy will be beneficial or not. They always take account of the fact that root canal treatment is one the most technically challenging procedures that a dentist can undertake. This is because its ultimate result rests on three important points: the anatomy of the tooth, the competence of the dentist, and the immune system of the patient.

They also want to point out that it is vital to comprehend why a person would need root canal therapy. The pulp within a particular tooth can die because of trauma or decay, with the result that it becomes gangrenous. This may be associated with pain but is often not painful at all.

If this is left untreated, the bacteria and toxins in the gangrenous pulp can cause an abscess, which is a build-up of pus at the tip of the root of the tooth. This has the negative effect of causing the loss of supporting bone around the tooth. Since the pulp is dead, the dead tissue remains inside the tooth and will remain inside the tooth because there is no blood supply for fighting the bacteria and toxins Thus, a root canal treatment is needed to clean out the inside of the tooth and eventually fill the canal.

The view against root canal treatment takes note of the long-term presence of bacteria and toxins within a tooth because this is a burden to the immune system and can negatively affect the patient’s health. The opposing view, which is the case for root canal therapy, argues that as long as the procedure is done to the highest standards and there is a regeneration of the bone, then any remaining exposure to bacteria and toxins is minimal and can easily be handled by the immune system.

Taking the middle path, the holistic dentists at the Sydney Holistic Dental Centre, make a diagnosis of the need for root canal by taking an x-ray of the tooth and finding out if the tooth has a vital pulp within it which often shows as a shadow at the tip of the root. This indicates loss of healthy bone and indicates the presence of infection. They will then also make an assessment after the treatment to determine if the infection has been eliminated as indicated by the presence of healthy bone regeneration around the tooth. The root canal would be deemed a success if bone is regenerated and the tooth remains functional and comfortable. However, this will require regular monitoring through routine dental check-ups.

On the other hand, if the area of infection appears to be unresolved, whether there is pain or not, there is a possibility that the patient’s health is adversely affected due to remaining bacteria and toxins.

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