Sydney Company Providing a Large Number of Commercial Cleaning Options to Area Businesses

Clean Group is a company that offers a wide variety of commercial cleaning options and to businesses in Sydney and other Australian cities too. They do this because the company recognizes that commercial cleaning is by no means a one-size-fits-all task. Some of their commercial clients have them only do only specialized cleaning tasks while other companies have them take care of all their A to Z cleaning needs. The company is more than happy to tailor a cleaning plan to meet any business’s individual commercial cleaning needs.

The company owner and CEO, Suji Siv, says, “We are a company that for many years now has pledged to bring our commercial cleaning clients services that are done to the very highest standards. Our company does this by having our dedicated and well-trained cleaning crews do everything from routine daily cleaning tasks to periodic cleaning jobs such as carpet steam cleaning for our commercial clients. It’s the exact type of cleaning flexibility that our clients need to provide both employees and visitors with an appealing and healthy business environment.”

Siv says it all starts with their reputable office cleaning services. As was mentioned, some companies they visit daily but even among these they clean to various degrees. They may only clean common areas such as bathroom and break areas for some companies while for others they will handle all of their routine cleaning needs. Some even ask for periodic advance cleaning treatments such as their popular ‘COVID-19 Disinfection and Protection Shield’ which can kill 99% of the germs that are found in a workspace for up to 30-days. This is done using advanced electrostatic sprayers combined with a very impactful ZOONO Z-71 surface sanitizer. He added that no matter what type of office cleaning they are doing it will be done by experienced crews that use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and environmentally friendly solutions. It’s their secret as to how they can get an office or other commercial space to stay sparkling clean and hygienic. The company CEO says their cleaning services are not just limited to cleaning offices either. They have a fine reputation when it comes to cleaning medical facilities, schools, and childcare facilities too. He mentioned they are also experienced at cleaning building strata areas, gymnasiums, warehouses, and retail spaces. Siv stated that basically any type of commercial area that needs to be cleaned, they can come up with a reasonably priced cleaning plan for it.

According to the company CEO, whether they are doing cleaning Sydney or in other areas, they always back that commercial cleaning work up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They call it their ‘Iron Clad’ guarantee. The whole process of contracting with them to do cleaning work starts with a free on-site commercial cleaning assessment. During this assessment, they will inspect a client’s commercial workspace in order to further analyze their cleaning situation. Only then will they discuss with a client a recommended cleaning plan and quote them a price that is fair and competitive. Siv stated they simply do not feel comfortable quoting prices over the phone which may in reality be overpriced for the specific commercial cleaning work that needs to be done.

Evidence that the Clean Group offers the flexibility that their commercial cleaning clients desire comes in this 5-star review. In it, Allanah M stated, “If you need a one-stop cleaning solution that can do both routine cleaning and the odd cleaning tasks that pop up along the way, Clean Group is your solution. I had my childcare facility flooded on one occasion and you cannot imagine the stress that I had when that happened. Fortunately, I had Clean Group as my regular cleaner and they called me and told me they would handle steam cleaning the entire building. They took my worries away right then and there. It’s reasons like this that our working relationship has a long way to go!”

Businesses that would like to know more about their Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, and cleaning Melbourne services can contact them by phone or email or take time to fill out the free on-site quote form that’s found on their website.


For more information about Clean Group, contact the company here:

Clean Group
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