Sway Leadership Announces Executive Leadership Coaching Series

Sway Leadership, a leadership coaching and training company, is announcing a 3 part series this month on how to be a more effective leader of humans. Sway believes that better leaders create better companies, so their mission is to help company leaders and executives become better leaders, so the people they train can have a positive impact on their company, and through that, the world. For this month’s three part series, Sway is focusing on how people can understand and build on the type of leader they are, because everyone has a different leadership style, so there is no one-size-fits-all leadership advice. To do this, they’ve designed the series to help people build their “personal house” of leadership, so they can better leverage their leadership strengths and work with who they are.

Leaders who are interested in improving their leadership can use this series to reflect on where they are, create a vision for their future and the future of their leadership roles. With visions in place, the series will help leaders understand the blueprint to stronger leadership through better understanding of themselves. According to the Facebook post announcing this 3-part series blueprint to be a successful and grounded leader, “The most important question to explore while completing this series is, ‘How should I be?’” This three part series will help people answer this question for themselves, through education about emotional intelligence, personal development, and self awareness. The series is especially designed for leaders who are feeling stuck, or burnt out, and find they lack direction in their leadership. Anyone who is feeling this way, can hope to find some direction and relieve their burnout by engaging with this series.

Sway Leadership Executive Leadership Coaching - 3-part series blueprint to be a successful and grounded leader

Sway’s leadership coaching programs are built on their Organizational Development Philosophy, which teaches people to apply a framework of four concepts when looking at any interaction or project. The first concept is the concept of space, especially the ability of a good leader to hold a safe space for humans to connect and be vulnerable. Being able to hold a space is key to forming trusting relationships, with employees or otherwise, and absolutely essential for getting groups of people to collaborate effectively. The facilitators and coaches at Sway aim to promote human development and transformation in their leaders so leaders can learn to be grounded enough to hold safe spaces successfully and thus lead from a place of confidence. Sway’s programs helps leaders understand how they need to be to hold warm and powerful spaces and be fully present with the people they are trying to lead.

The second concept that Sway engages in their Executive Leadership Coaching programs is science. When designing their programs, Sway Leadership uses a social science lens, making decisions based on available data, both about the companies they work with and any applicable scientific literature. Sway’s founder even has a background in cultural anthropology, which helps them work from a position of looking for answers instead of believing they already have them. This perspective is what they believe science is about.

Finally, when working with leaders who want to improve their leadership skills, Sway encourages the development of self awareness and effective systems for leadership. The coaching teams at Sway help leaders learn to understand themselves through the Enneagram personality framework, as well as emotional intelligence and coming to awareness of people’s individual wants, needs, motivations, fears, and more. On a collective level, Sway Leadership looks at the systems and organizational structures in place in a company or organization, because they know, from experience, that the systems and structures that a company uses can be what makes or breaks the leaders and teams in the organization. Sway’s coaches and facilitators will help company leaders better understand the benefits and shortcomings of their systems and what they can do to build the best possible organizational systems, so the routines of the company propel them forward to greater things.

Interested parties can learn more about Sway Leadership by visiting their website at https://www.swayleadership.com. Sway Leadership is an executive business coaching and Enneagram business coaching organization that serves the needs of leaders and teams throughout the United States.


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