Sustainable Fashion Brand Sozy Partners With Cleanhub To Protect Oceans From Plastic Waste

Sustainable California fashion brand Sozy has partnered with Cleanhub to protect the ocean from carelessly dumped plastic. The brand has added Cleanhub to its list of eco-centric partnerships and has, to date, helped finance the collection of more than 1250 pounds of plastic.

Cleanhub is a company that works in collaboration with businesses, individuals, and governments to free the planet from plastic pollution. It is a community of 100+ brands and, as of the time of writing, it has enabled the recovery of almost 400 thousand kilograms of plastic waste. It offers solutions to brands to help them verify and quantify their environmental impact.

The company’s consultants are experts on the life cycle of plastic. This gives them the distinct advantage of being able to find solutions to the toughest plastic waste collection and recycling problems. Cleanhub doesn’t just help reduce and recover the plastic that is discarded without recycling but also works to empower local communities by building infrastructure for waste collection and recycling. Cleanhub creates employment opportunities for people and turns plastic waste into a valuable resource by incentivizing its collection before it reaches the ocean.

Sozy, a small female-founded clothing brand based in Encinitas, California, views its partnership with Cleanhub as a way to lend a hand towards protecting the planet. As part of the partnership that Sozy and Cleanhub have established, Cleanhub promises to collect a quarter pound of plastic for every product that they sell. Sozy’s plastic waste collection partner, Tridi Oasis, is a female-founded and led company started by two local women who were tired of seeing the impact pollution was having on their home country of Indonesia.

Sozy’s dedication to the environment extends beyond its partnership with Cleanhub as it has also partnered with 1% for the Planet, a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through committing to donate the equivalent of 1% of gross sales directly to environmental nonprofits. It also has a partnership with One Tree Planted, an environmental nonprofit that plants trees around the world for nature, people, and biodiversity.

When asked to comment on the company’s partnership with Cleanhub, a spokesperson for the company says, “Plastic is ubiquitous in daily life and there is absolutely no way to avoid it. We wish we could turn back the clock and find alternative materials to take its place but that ship has sailed and now plastic is a part and parcel of modern life. Humanity has used and abused plastic for so many years that it will take millennia for all the plastic that is already in nature to break down and decompose. Even today, only 9 percent of the plastic that is manufactured gets recycled. Countless people have been sounding the alarms for decades and it is only recently through initiatives like Cleanhub that we are getting a handle on how disastrous this problem is for the environment. The reason that Sozy partners with Cleanhub, Tridi Oasis, 1% for the Planet, One Tree Planted, and similar organizations that are working tirelessly towards solving the planet’s environmental problems is that we truly care about nature, the world, and everyone who lives in it.”

Sozy is a Certified B Corporation, a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. Certified B Corporations are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. The company is also Climate Neutral Certified which means that it takes responsibility for its carbon emissions. Sozy has measured all of the greenhouse gas emissions from producing and delivering its products and has offset all of its emissions by investing in carbon reduction and removal projects like clean energy and reforestation.

Sozy says that it supports women in every part of the business. Its styles are designed by women, for women. 10% of the company’s profits are spent in supporting survivors of sexual violence through its partnership with RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization.


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