Survey Says: Guys That Give Flowers Are More Attractive

Stockholm, Sweden based Nordiska Blombud recently conducted a survey that led to the team discovering that women consider men who give flowers to be more attractive. During the survey, the participants were simply asked what makes a man really attractive in their eyes. The team spoke to hundreds of women from a variety of backgrounds to make sure they obtained as many opinions as possible, and they are pleased to share their results with the wider community.

“The results of the survey are clear,” says Nordiska Blombud. “Of the top five factors that make a man more attractive, we found that presenting a partner with flowers was considered to be the most popular. This includes flowers for special events, such as anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and so on, as well as flowers being gifted as tokens for no particular reason. If a man wants to impress his partner, our survey says his best bet is to give her flowers.”

The company clarifies, “We interviewed 500 women between the ages 18-38 years about what makes a man really attractive in their eyes. On top of their list was ‘giving them flowers,’ which shows that he really cares about them, and the second on their list was ‘a sense of humour,’ as this is considered a sign of intelligence.” In order, these qualities were followed by a man demonstrating kindness with everyone in their life, being goal-oriented and being willing to take risks.

Nordiska Blombud, a platform that enables customers across the world to send flowers to recipients in other countries, understands all too well how much of an impact flowers can have under the right circumstances — and the company observes that circumstances are almost always ripe for flowers to be gifted to a loved one. However, the company also acknowledges that gifting flowers may stand out on this list as an action that is relatively easy to take (and made even easier thanks to their platform), but they warn men against falling prey to this false assumption. It is a simple enough matter to send flowers, but as with anything else, putting some thought into the gift can turn an everyday occurrence into a magical moment.

People give each other flowers all the time, buying them in person or using services much like those offered through Nordiska Blombud. Roses, for instance, are extremely popular amongst couples who seek to express affection, but the truth is that roses are not as universally beloved as some might believe. Many have very particular preferences, and doing some research might be far more beneficial than picking a romantic staple and hoping for the best. Nordiska Blombud points out that, for instance, many have even come to dislike roses simply because they are the obvious choice. Others may not like the colour red as much as others (although roses do come in several colours as well).

Naturally, the company says it is hard to go wrong with roses if the customer has no idea what to get and there is no time left to do any research. These beautiful flowers are popular for good reason, and the odds are that the recipient will love getting roses even if they are not their favourite. If the buyer has time to look into the subject, however, they may wish to start by asking friends and family if their partner has ever expressed interest in other types of flowers.

Flowers come in all shapes, sizes, colours and varieties, and people can choose between hydrangeas, orchids, gardenias, chrysanthemums and so on. Carnations, for instance, are another type of flower that is heavily associated with love and affection, and they may prove an excellent second choice if roses turn out to be unsuitable. Once their research is complete and they are sure of their choice, a man can turn to Nordiska Blombud to make sure the flowers they picked are delivered on time and to the right individual.

Nordiska Blombud is a Swedish platform that is dedicated to helping customers find flower couriers to deliver flowers to destinations all over the world within 24 hours. Their service has been designed from the ground up to be both efficient and affordable, and they look forward to helping couples keep the romance alive with the most beautiful flowers on the market. To send flowers abroad with zero hassle, customers may use the following link: Skicka Blommor Utomlands.


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