Surna Cultivation Technologies to Host Free LED Lighting For Indoor Agriculture Webinar

Boulder, Colorado -

Surna Cultivation Technologies announced they will be hosting a free webinar on March 31, 2022, at 2 pm EDT.

The Surna Cultivation Technologies webinar will focus on the benefits of indoor agriculture and LED lighting. Surna is a leading provider of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) technology and services, and they will be discussing how their products can help improve yields for growers.

surna cultivation technologies

Surna is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, and is known for their contributions to grow room MEP, solutions for cannabis odor control, and indoor cultivation industries.

According to Surna, "as horticultural LED lighting solutions gain popularity among indoor farmers, the line between fact and fiction has blurred."

The webinar will feature keynote speakers Jon Kozlowski of Surna Cultivation Technologies and lighting expert Randy Shipley of RSX Enterprises.

The webinar will take a scientific approach to common indoor ag LED misconceptions, such as "What spectrum means and how it matters," and "How PPF and PPFD differ and why they are important measures."

Additionally, Kozlowski and Shipley also plan to discuss how different types of lighting can affect plant growth at different stages of the grow cycle, such as why growers should incorporate DLC-listed horticultural LED lights for commercial grow room applications. DLC lighting is a type of LED lighting that is designed specifically for horticultural applications, and it offers several benefits for growers such as increased yields, reduced energy costs, longer lifespan, and better color rendition.

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