Surna Cultivation Technologies Publishes Guide For Benching and Racking Systems

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Surna Cultivation Solutions (, a cannabis MEP and engineering company, published a resource for commercial growers considering benching and racking systems. Surna Cultivation Solutions has been a leader in commercial cannabis growing and indoor agriculture for over 15 years.

A vertical farming rack, or “grow rack,” is a type of shelving system you can use to store and cultivate plants. Vertical grow racks are ideal for growers with limited space or for increasing the number of plants per square foot by using vertical space. Additionally, vertical grow racks can also allow you to grow a variety of cultivars while providing ample space for LED lighting, airflow, and room to access the plants.

why growers should be using vertical growing racks

There are a few options for storing and organizing plants in a grow room; Surna mentions that "while some growers opt for a traditional grow bench, or maximize the available space by growing vertically on a multi-tier rack."

Surna continues by recommending growers account for the size of their room, number of plants each rack will hold, and accessibility. While there are a number of racking solutions depending on the budget and scale, mobile vertical farming systems can maximize small spaces even more by forming moveable aisles. In addition to providing an overview of the benefits of vertical racking systems, Surna also outlines the importance of proper lighting, watering, and various growing mediums, such as hydroponics and aeroponics.

Surna notes that not all plants do well in vertical racks. Surna commented that, "It's critical to research which ones would be best for your setup. For example, fruit trees, sunflowers, and other tall crops are not suitable for growing vertically. However, cannabis, leafy greens, strawberries, basil, or carrots can thrive in vertical grow systems."

Growers looking to maximize their growing space while still providing a high-quality product. Vertical racking systems can be a very cost-effective way to increase yields and improve the quality of one's product.

Surna stated, "When choosing a vertical grow rack for your cannabis plants, flowers, herbs, fruits, or vegetables, keep a few things in mind. Taking the time to design your facility footprint will save you a tremendous amount of stress in the future. Because of this, we advise consulting with a company experienced in architectural design and MEP engineering specific to indoor agriculture. Your architect and racking supplier can coordinate their designs to optimize your room sizes and rack layouts."

Surna's expertise has allowed them to serve over 800 cultivators with over 200 of them being large, commercial projects.

Luz Elena Parra, a customer of Surna Cultivation Technologies, commented on her experience working with the company. Parra stated, "As the Construction PM for different cannabis companies, my main role is to act as a liaison between Consultants, Contractors, Vendors and other involved in the design, equipment selection, construction and installation of all systems of the cannabis facility, cultivation, processing etc. I always choose Surna as the HVAC system for the cultivation rooms. Surna supplies a proven system, it's a great source of information on anything cannabis related, the team is incredible friendly and always willing to help. They work with my deadlines and go the extra mile to help me get my project to a successful completion. In the first project when I learned about Surna systems, I was able to save the company I represented over $1M in upfront costs plus thousands of dollars in operating costs. Ever since I don't have to shop around as Surna is always my recommendation."

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