Superior Manhattan Beach Gains New Employee

Superior Manhattan Beach Pest Control has been a reliable pest control service business in the Manhattan Beach area for years. They have served thousands of customers and are constantly growing their service area. The company boasts a team of 20 professional exterminators. Each exterminator is trained on every type of pest in Los Angeles county.

The company is happy to announce the hiring of a new employee. Max Miller is going to be the newest addition to the team. Max has been in the pest control business for over ten years. Max and his family just moved to the area last week and he is ready to start work as soon as this week. Max has a great work ethic and is very talented in pest extermination. He has dealt with every major pest in the area.

A representative of the company was recently interviewed about the new employee saying, “We are extremely excited for Max to start working for us. He brings a lot to the table including a great work ethic, a friendly personality, and years of experience in pest control. Superior Manhattan Beach Pest Control is happy to welcome him and his family to the area. We know he is going to be a great addition to the team and that our Los Angeles County residents are going to enjoy his help."

There has been a recent rise in the number of pest infestations in the Manhattan Beach area. Pests are getting harder and harder to treat and are multiplying faster and faster. Once they get into a residential or commercial property they spread everywhere in a matter of no time. Depending on the type of pest, there are multiple ways that pests can get into a property. Bed bugs get in by clinging onto clothes or used items and cockroaches or mice get in through small openings around the property.

The president of Superior Manhattan Beach Pest Control recently said, “Pests are becoming more and more resilient to everyday pest treatments. Over the counter and Do it yourself methods are becoming less and less effective. Pests are spreading and multiplying almost two times more than they were a couple of years ago. They are infesting all types of properties, no matter how clean they are. Due to this, our services have been needed more than ever. Our team has been working very hard to battle this rise in infestations and our new addition to the team, Max is ready and prepared to fight this battle.”

The company says its services are all customized for each pest. They do not offer generalized treatment. This means that each service is built specifically for the pest it is meant to treat which returns the best results for the residents in Los Angeles County. Their services are constantly being updated and they are constantly getting the most updated equipment in order to treat the advancing pests.

Another representative said, “Our services and equipment are continuously being updated. Doing this provides our local residents with the most effective and quickest treatments around. Each treatment is honed to each pest to make sure it is taken care of in the best way possible. This keeps our customers happy and our community healthy and clean.”

The company is open every day through the week and on Saturdays. When pest control service is needed they can be reached by phone or by completing a contact form on their website at They have prompt customer service agents that will phone right back when they miss a call.


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