SUN Kentucky Releases Article on PTSD in Teens

Erlanger, Kentucky: PTSD is usually associated with adults who have been through war or experienced an assault. However, many events can be traumatic, and trauma affects people of all ages. To help individuals learn more about how trauma affects adolescents, SUN Behavioral Health Kentucky recently published the article “PTSD In Teens.”

PTSD is an acronym for post-traumatic stress disorder. SUN defines PTSD as “a mental injury that forms after experiencing or witnessing trauma.” It is a natural response to this trauma that creates the disorder. PTSD can disrupt someone’s way of life, especially for teenagers already facing extreme family, school, and social stress levels.”

The loss of a close family member or friend can trigger PTSD. Also, a traumatic event such as a car crash can cause a person to develop PTSD. In addition, being the target of bullying or discrimination often causes PTSD. An example is exposure to violence such as domestic violence in their home or a school shooting.

It is unclear why some people experience PTSD after a traumatic event and others do not. PTSD is always rooted in a traumatic event, but other factors can contribute to its development. Factors that contribute to PTSD are a family history of mental illness, the presence of another mental health condition, or growing up in an unstable environment,

PTSD does not just go away on its own. The team at SUN wants to make it known that teenagers deserve the chance to heal and move on with their lives without the burdens that come with PTSD. Teenagers with PTSD receive treatment from a mental health professional who has experience building rapport with adolescent patients. In some cases, the use of medication provides relief from symptoms of PTSD.

If an adolescent is struggling with PTSD after a traumatic event, the professionals at SUN Behavioral Health Kentucky provide evidence-based treatments designed to help them find recovery and mental wellness.

About SUN Behavioral Health Kentucky: SUN Kentucky provides treatment for mental health conditions and substance use disorder. Their team utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy to help people find recovery and mental wellness. SUN offers inpatient and outpatient programs designed to fit a variety of needs.


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