SUN Delaware Observes National Recovery Month

Georgetown, Delaware company SUN Behavioral Delaware is observing National Recovery Month by supporting the Sussex Health Coalition's "Delaware Goes Purple" project. They are also taking steps to raise awareness of this period and bring more attention to the issues it represents.

National Recovery Month is observed annually during the month of September. Its goal is to champion the effectiveness of mental health services and substance use treatment. It also advocates how substance use treatment and mental health services help people live healthy, fulfilling lives.

SUN Delaware Goes Purple

As noted on the company’s website, an American is lost every 19 minutes, and a Delawarean is lost every 22 hours, due to overdose and substance use issues. SUN Behavioral Delaware is dedicated to meeting the unmet needs of the Delaware community and helping more people overcome substance abuse. This year, the company is observing National Recovery Month by enthusiastically pledging their support to a coalition that works with the state of Delaware to raise awareness about substance use and stand up against it (using the color purple as a prominent symbol).

In addition, SUN Behavioral Delaware is committed to helping people who suffer from mental illness and substance use disorders all year round, not just during National Recovery Month. They seek to promote environments of healing while maintaining a positive attitude and staying committed to their community. They also do their best to maintain their integrity and communicate hope in everything they do. In fact, SUN Behavioral Delaware offers a comprehensive series of programs that promote health and recovery. They take time to understand their patients’ situations and tailor treatment programs and support services to best suit any specific needs.

One of the services that the company offers is adolescent therapy. The human brain rapidly grows and changes during adolescence, and this is why teenagers begin to encounter numerous stressors (such as having to face the expectations of teachers, parents and society as a whole). They are also introduced to a newfound sense of self. This presents a unique set of complications that affect their emotional and mental development. In fact, 50% of lifelong mental illnesses begin by the age of 14. Symptoms of mental illnesses can begin to show themselves during the adolescent years, and warning signs include excessive worrying, confused thinking, problems concentrating, extreme mood changes, changes in sleeping patterns, difficulty in perceiving reality and intense concern with physical appearance.

SUN Behavioral Delaware explains that interacting with adolescents is vastly different from interacting with adults. This means that the approach to treating adolescents’ mental issues also differs greatly from how adults with similar issues are treated. This can be seen in how adults may notice that they are developing mental issues and may reach out for help. Adolescents rarely seek mental health services on their own and usually have to be forced to undergo treatment. SUN Behavioral Delaware understands the importance of building a close relationship between the adolescent and the counselor for the success of mental health therapy. The counselors at SUN Behavioral Delaware do their best to build an environment in which adolescents can honestly open up about their feelings and problems.

Besides adolescent therapy, SUN Behavioral Delaware offers a wide range of treatments and services that include adult co-occurring disorders treatment, adult substance disorders treatment, adult mental health services, adult outpatient services and even telehealth services. Due to the company's dedication to their work, many previous clients have shared positive experiences with SUN Behavioral Delaware.

Elizabeth says in a 5-Star Google review, “I just finished an 8-week program and couldn’t be happier. The staff were incredible, from the receptionist to intake to the counselors and support staff. I was treated for depression and suicidal ideations. The counselors are professional, empathetic and knowledgeable. I was treated in the outpatient program. They exceeded my expectations. I have learned coping skills and had a breakthrough. Everybody was supportive (staff and patients). Stacey, my counselor, was exceptional. The facility is fairly new, clean and well maintained. I highly recommend the outpatient program. It is top-notch.”

Ash B. writes in another 5-Star Google review that SUN Behavioral Delaware provides a, “Great facility. I attended the partial hospitalization program, and it was phenomenal. The staff was extremely supportive and caring. I did not encounter rude or dismissive staff. They were very friendly from the time I walked in until the day I left. Intake took about two hours; however, I was not a dual-diagnosis patient. I understand that is a longer process. My intake coordinator, Nicole, was great. She listened to my needs and made a recommendation which happened to be for the program I had hoped to get into. Kudos to all the staff. You have been patient, kind and empathetic. You are the backbone of the facility, and because of you I am in such a better place. If I ever need help again, I will be going to SUN Behavioral Delaware.”

Complete details can be found on SUN Behavioral Delaware’s website. Alternatively, interested parties may call the company’s office to schedule an appointment for a preliminary consultation.


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