SUN Behavioral Is Here, Even When “Here” Is There

Erlinger, KY - SUN Behavioral Health, located in Erlinger, Kentucky, is now offering telehealth mental health services. Anyone interested in setting up a telehealth session can contact SUN Kentucky via their website. The consultation itself comes at no cost, which allows even more people to seek out the kinds of treatments they need.

All daily routines have shifted and been affected by COVID-19. SUN Behavioral has added its telehealth option as a way to continue offering comprehensive and compassionate mental health and addiction services in this new world.

SUN Behavioral Health Telehealth Service Options

It has been working out wonderfully, based on the results seen from patient reviews that have rolled in since telehealth has rolled out. “Patients [have given] telehealth services a 4.7/5 rating and reported it met all their medical needs,” SUN reported, citing a study published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Though their focus on telehealth is at this time greatly related to COVID-19 and the changing landscape of the United States and the world at large, they are also offering these services to aid many people going forward, when COVID-19 is no longer a daily worry. They see a need that can be met in many situations, to help many people.

SUN Behavioral lists many reasons telehealth can benefit patients outside of protecting themselves and each other from spreading COVID-19. They explained, “[Patients] have access to care, no matter where [they]live.” Technology has allowed the democratization of care in a sense, delivering the services from a distance. Now rather than driving (or even flying) to a highly qualified treatment center, patients can connect via phone or computer and focus on their recovery from the comfort and safety of their own homes.

When visiting SUN Behavioral’s website, a prospective patient will fill out a form in order to set up an initial video call with one of the licensed clinicians on staff. They specified the differences between those beginning treatment and those continuing treatment by saying, “...[there are] two telehealth outpatient programs that the clinical team may recommend based on the health information [patients] provided.”

Those services include treatments such as a partial hospitalization program (PHP), which schedules treatment sessions for up to six hours a day and five days a week. Another offering is known as the intensive outpatient program (IOP) which schedules sessions lasting up to three hours for between three and five days each week.

SUN Behavioral Health is located in beautiful Erlanger, KY and is situated close to nearby Cincinnati, Ohio. They are a facility boasting nearly 200 beds and offer treatment options for children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. Not only are they dedicated to helping each person they treat identify and solve their unmet needs, but also connecting to their communities no matter where they may be. They utilize four values to guide each aspect of their treatment: safety, teamwork, integrity, and compassion.

SUN Behavioral Health’s comprehensive mental health and addiction treatment options offer specialized care guided by the needs of each patient. They utilize cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and can aid those in need of dual diagnosis treatment. There is always someone available to talk at SUN Behavioral, and they can be reached by calling (859) 340-8974 or visiting


For more information about SUN Behavioral Kentucky, contact the company here:

SUN Behavioral Kentucky
820 Dolwick Drive
Erlanger, Kentucky 41018