Sun Behavioral Health Ohio Offers Adolescent Therapy Program

Columbus, OH: As mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression have become increasingly pressing issues during the coronavirus pandemic, and as people stay indoors with more limited access to social connection and increasing uncertainty about the future, it is no surprise that this period has been difficult, especially so for those with mental health illnesses.

In Columbus, SUN Behavioral Health Ohio’s adolescent therapy program offers a chance at effective treatment and support for the demographic that is often overlooked in discussions about mental health.

SUN Behavioral Health is an organization that specializes in providing mental health and behavioral care services alongside any co-occurring substance use disorders. They offer a variety of programs for several demographics including adolescents, adults, and elderly adults.

Their name SUN functions as an acronym for Solving Unmet Needs, a core philosophy and drive behind SUN Behavioral Health’s work and programming. This organization is consistent in its messaging to help support local communities wherever possible by fulfilling their clientele’s needs. Currently, the SUN Behavioral Health network consists of four branches across the continental U.S. Besides the Ohio location, SUN Behavioral Health offers treatment programs in Texas, Delaware, and Kentucky.

SUN Behavioral Ohio’s adolescent treatment program acknowledges the devastating toll and effects that suicide and depression have on young people. Their service page cites the World Health Organization (WHO), explaining that “suicide is the third leading cause of death in 15-19 year-olds, and depression is one of the primary illnesses and disabilities for adolescents across the globe.”

SUN Behavioral Ohio acknowledges that adolescents often face challenging stigmas and other barriers to receiving treatment for mental health. They also list several potential situations and life experiences that can contribute to an increased vulnerability to a poor mental health state.

Some of these factors include exploration of sexual identity, the pressure to fit in with peers, bullying, financial concerns at home, discrimination, and the increased use and access to modern technology.

The provider’s treatment program for adolescents is two-fold in nature. SUN Behavioral Health utilizes evidence-based practices in order to maximize the effectiveness of mental health disorder treatment. The main treatment is based on a combination of pharmacology and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Pharmacology is the practice of treating mental health or behavioral disorders with medication. SUN Behavioral explains that pharmacology alone should not be viewed as the only treatment necessary. Instead, the treatment provider views pharmacology as a tool to help a patient engage with CBT.

CBT is popularly known as a kind of “talk therapy” where a patient will discuss moods, feelings, situations, and ultimately gains the skills needed to better manage the mental health condition.

The SUN Behavioral Health Ohio team has been consistent in offering professional, comfortable, and effective treatment to a wide variety of demographics. Their adolescent treatment is a thoroughly developed program that reaches out to a demographic that could be viewed as underserved in the sphere of mental health disorders.

For those interested in learning more about SUN Behavioral Health Ohio’s adolescent treatment program, contact the provider through their online form or call to speak directly with a qualified counselor.


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