Sun Behavioral Health, Houston Releases Article on the “Highs and Lows” of Bipolar Disorder

Houston, Texas- Sun Behavioral Health Houston has just released a new article on the unpredictable nature of bipolar disorder. In hopes of reaching out and connecting with those suffering from this disorder, the article details possible causes, symptoms, and possible treatment options available.

While one set cause cannot be used to determine the onset of bipolar, contributing factors such as childhood trauma, stressful life events, unbalanced brain chemistry, and genetics all play roles. “Although there is no confirmation that any one of these causes fully explains the development of bipolar disorder, understanding the most up-to-date [information] can help to identify bipolar disorder in yourself or your loved ones,” the article states.

Sun Behavioral Health Houston is committed to provoking conversation surrounding mental health and its effects. Mental illness can magnify in those who are afraid to discuss it. “It’s in this kind of silence that mental health issues thrive. Talking about our problems is the first step on the journey of recovery. Do not be afraid to reach out for help if you need it.” For those seeking relief from bipolar or other disorders, Sun Behavioral Health Houston hopes to open doors to healing and communication within their community.

2.3 million people are currently battling bipolar, but that number expands when considering the number of loved ones also being affected. Those who are living with bipolar may experience job loss, social isolation, and crushing lows. While there is no set “cure”, individuals can find relief from their symptoms through treatment methods such as individual, group, and outpatient therapy. Medication is also available for the treatment of bipolar.

For those experiencing bipolar disorder, help is available. Cognitive behavioral therapy techniques can relieve symptoms and provide hope for those that need it. Patients do not need to suffer alone, and they don’t need to continue feeling controlled by their bipolar. To begin, patients should be properly diagnosed and treated.

Sun Behavioral Health Houston recognizes the importance of quality treatment for those who are living with bipolar disorder. Their focus is on meeting patients where they are in their journeys and improving mental health. They work to provide hope, healing, and relief for those who need it most. For more information, call 713-796-2273 or visit their website.


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