Sun Behavioral Health, Delaware Releases New Article on the Difference Between “Normal” Anxiety and an Anxiety Disorder

Georgetown, Delaware: Sun Behavioral Health, Delaware has just released a new article centered on the symptoms of anxiety disorder. The goal of their piece is to educate the community on the differences between “normal” anxiety and “anxiety disorders”. Anxiety is a natural emotion or feeling that all human beings encounter at one time or another; it’s a built-in defense mechanism or survival instinct. For some, it can be difficult to recognize when anxiety has crossed the threshold from “normal” to “a problem”.

Sun discusses how anxiety disorders differ from common, everyday worries or stress. “With an anxiety disorder, fear overshadows every other emotion; it becomes the driving force behind the choices we make.” They go on to discuss how anxiety disorders affect people in a myriad of ways – both physically and mentally. People who struggle with this disorder can experience tremors, nausea, stomach pain, insomnia, and more.

Through its latest article, Sun Behavioral, Delaware hopes to reach its readers in an attempt to help “solve the unmet needs of those who suffer from mental illness and substance use disorders.” Acknowledging and addressing these needs can bring patients closer to creating healthy coping mechanisms, allowing them to function and live quality lives. While there is no “magic cure” for the symptoms of anxiety disorder, proper management can allow many patients to live symptom-free.

While there’s no set cause or reason behind anxiety disorders, there are risk factors that may contribute. Those who are living with an anxiety disorder may have experienced trauma early in life. They could also be struggling with health issues, drug or alcohol use, genetics, or a profound amount of daily stress.

Some of the suggested coping mechanisms for this disorder include exercise, meditation techniques, individual counseling, and more. A strong point made in the article points to the importance of social relationships. Isolating oneself while managing this disorder is common but detrimental to the healing process.

Sun Behavioral Health, Delaware recognizes the importance of treatment quality for those struggling with their mental health or substance use. Their focus is on meeting patients where they are in their journeys and improving mental health. They work to provide hope, healing, recovery, passion, and compassion to those who need it most. For more information, call (302) 604 - 5600.


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