SUN Behavioral Delaware Releases Guide With Tips To Turn Stress Into Self Care

Georgetown, DE: In the wake of a global pandemic, SUN Behavioral Delaware has released an article containing tips and strategies to turn stress into self-care. This article comes at a time when a majority of people have had to change their typical routine due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and its ramifications. Nearly a year removed from the outbreak, this remains a topic that is fresh in people’s minds as they attempt to navigate the “new normal.” The guide addresses many topics that have arisen during the pandemic that may have created unforeseen negative consequences or stress for many individuals who are forced to spend a majority of their time indoors.

While this article comes at a time when this information is much needed due to the current circumstances with the coronavirus, it provides tips and skills that will lead to healthier habits even in a post-COVID world.

man meditating releasing stress

The article outlines that self-care includes anything that is intended to support one's mental, emotional, and/or physical health. It includes meditation, practicing mindfulness, therapy, setting aside time for a hobby one enjoys, exercising, eating well, getting enough sleep, etc. It can even be as simple as taking a bath.

While there is no one definition for self-care, it generally refers to the multiple ways in which people maintain or improve their health and well-being, and prevent or cope with illness. Self-care broadly includes activities in the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social realms.

The article cites a poll conducted by the Samueli Foundation that finds the main reason people don’t practice self-care is that 44% of people nationwide think it’s only for people with enough time while 35% think it’s only for people with enough money. Other barriers include demanding jobs, burnout, or not addressing it with a doctor.

The guide outlines that mental stress and anguish are not always the result of family history or disorder. Many times, environmental factors can be the main driving force behind stress and anxiety. The pandemic has left many people unemployed or forced to look after their children now that schools have moved to a virtual model, both of which may cause unprecedented stress.

The mission of SUN Behavioral Delaware is to serve the unmet mental health needs of the Delaware community. SUN Behavioral Delaware is a 90-bed psychiatric hospital located in Sussex County, DE.

The hospital provides a full-continuum of specialized care, including inpatient and day hospital services, for those suffering from mental health illness and substance use disorders. They even offer remote telehealth outpatient treatment programming. SUN Behavioral Delaware also offers specialized programs for children, adolescents, adults and seniors. For more information about what services they offer, call 302-604-5600.


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