SUN Behavioral Delaware Offers Guide on Possible Causes of Codependency

Georgetown, DE: SUN Behavioral Delaware has published a guide that outlines the possible causes of codependency in people. Codependency defines a relationship in which one partner has intense physical or emotional needs, and the other partner spends the majority of their time responding to those needs. It is a very common issue encountered by people seeking treatment for behavioral health or substance use disorders and can stand in the way of making significant progress in treatment.

SUN Behavioral outlines that in a normal, healthy relationship, the people involved can get their emotional needs met by both their connection and other outside sources such as hobbies, interests, and friendships outside of their relationship.

In a codependent relationship, the balance of emotional fulfillment is off. Often, this means that one person gives while the other person takes. Both parties involved begin to accept their respective roles and need each other to feel “complete.” This type of relationship can stand in the way of treatment because an independent sense of self is necessary to get to the root of issues with addiction or behavioral health.

Other issues that stem from codependency can include underlying guilt, boundary issues, trust and control issues, and a hypercritical sense of self.

“A codependent person may be incredibly critical of themselves. They may feel as though they are fundamentally flawed and this may have a very negative effect on their sense of self-esteem,” the article claims, “these self-critical leanings may lead to a person feeling like they are unworthy of happiness.”

This is only one of many guides offered by SUN Behavioral Delaware on subjects related to the treatment of behavioral health and substance use disorder issues.

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