SUN Behavioral Columbus Announces the Opening of a New Children’s Inpatient Program

Columbus, OH: SUN Behavioral Columbus is a 144-bed psychiatric hospital that offers a full continuum of specialty care for mental health illnesses and co-occurring substance use disorders. Specialty programs are available for diverse ages, supplying treatment opportunities for adolescents, adults, and seniors. Inpatient, as well as outpatient programs, are available.

Lisa Rose, CEO of SUN Behavioral Columbus, commented on the new program saying, “SUN stands for Solving Unmet Needs. Acute child and adolescent behavioral health services are amongst the largest unmet needs in the state. We are excited to expand these services in Ohio!”

Pediatric Foundations Program

At SUN Behavioral Columbus, each patient’s needs and concerns are taken into account during the creation of an individualized treatment plan. The organization also commits itself to improving the health of local communities through its telehealth program efforts, allowing more people to access impactful, life-saving treatment.

Recently, SUN Behavioral Columbus announced the opening of a new inpatient program for children called Foundations. The program officially launched on March 30. According to the treatment facility, the Foundations program is intended to provide additional inpatient psychiatric beds to an underserved population. Through Foundations, the hope is that more parents will be able to find the necessary resources and treatment for their children at SUN Behavioral Columbus.

The Child Inpatient Program is specially designed to serve the needs of children ages 5-11. Although young children are not always as visible in discussions concerning mental health, this demographic is still vulnerable to mental illness. Foundations is a program that aims to assist this underserved population and provide high-quality, professional treatment to children experiencing psychiatric crises and mental health disorders.

This is a comprehensive program with many facets of treatment that take into account the age and developmental stage of each patient. SUN Behavioral Columbus recognizes the importance of understanding the unique stages of development in children and has developed the Foundations program to ensure communication and treatment interventions remain adaptable to each child’s developmental stage. The program will work toward resolving the symptoms leading to hospitalization, crisis planning, and engaging the family in the appropriate continuing care needs.

The first step in entering Foundations is to complete a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation with an assessment. This step allows SUN Behavioral Columbus' expert team to better understand the needs and challenges of the patient. During the inpatient portion of the program, patients can expect daily follow-up visits with a psychiatric provider, group and family therapy, recreational and behavioral therapy, classroom instruction with a teacher, monitored medication management, and parent education.

All activities and treatment modalities will be undertaken with the supervision, compassion, and support of SUN Behavioral Columbus' expert multidisciplinary team. Following inpatient treatment, Foundations will support patients’ long-term success through careful aftercare planning in conjunction with the child’s parent or guardian. Assisting families in the appropriate continuing care needs for their child will help patients experience better results from treatment and receive ongoing support long after their inpatient treatment is complete.

Individuals interested in learning more about SUN Behavioral Columbus’ new inpatient children’s program, Foundations, can visit the organization’s website or contact a staff member by calling (614) 706-2786.


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