Suffolk County Criminal Defense Lawyer Jason Bassett Explains Plea Deal Offers

Suffolk County criminal defense lawyer Jason Bassett recently posted a new blog post ( that discusses when a prosecutor offers a plea deal. The lawyer mentions that a plea bargain usually comes at any time during a criminal case. However, since the prosecutors need to study the case first, the plea deal may come at a later time instead.

According to the Suffolk County criminal defense lawyer, “For a more basic matter, it should only take a little while for the prosecutor to review the case, get up to speed, and consider what they’re going to offer.”

Suffolk County criminal defense lawyer

The lawyer explains that some people believe that the prosecutor always makes 3 offers. However, there is no requirement for the prosecutor to make 3 offers. There may be situations where the prosecutor will make more than one offer, and there are also other times where they make one offer and stick with that.

Attorney Bassett discusses that to know whether to accept the plea deal or not, the defendant’s lawyer must consider the likelihood of conviction might be. The criminal record of the defendant should also be considered since older criminal convictions may be used against a defendant and may increase the defendant’s sentence.

In the new blog post, attorney Jason Bassett also talks about “Trial Penalty” which is an idea that people are punished more than they should have been after the trial. Since there are risks involved in not accepting a plea deal, it’s uncommon that some people would rather take their case to trial. There is also the history of some defense lawyers who just accept any deal they can get and would instead let their clients serve more time than necessary.

Additionally, criminal defense attorney Jason Bassett also explains that it is possible to incur a more severe punishment by going through a trial. A plea bargain usually offers a punishment that is lesser than the maximum penalty if the defendant chooses to go through a trial. The case of the prosecution must be studied carefully before the defendant makes a decision to accept the plea offer.

Lastly, the lawyer emphasizes the importance of having a skilled defense lawyer when facing criminal charges or if the prosecutor offers a plea deal. An experienced lawyer may be able to help the defendant understand their rights and review their case so that they can ensure they’re making the right decision of whether or not to accept the plea deal.

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