Subject Matter Experts Wanting to Help Their Customers with Disruptive Innovations Are Invited to Join an Open Innovation Ecosystem

Early Birds Marketplace is inviting those who are a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and want to help customers with disruptive innovations to join their open innovation ecosystem. This ecosystem consists of the Early Birds’ Explorer and Challenger© programs that have been specifically designed for Early Adopters to transform organizational strategy into actionable innovation. These programs are for changes leaders and organizations desiring to enable teams to innovate on a daily basis.

Jeff Penrose, co-founder of Early Birds Marketplace, says, “The Explorer and Challenger© programs are led by highly skilled independent SME consultants in their respective fields. The SMEs will work with customers including the innovation team, business units, and internal and external stakeholders to define their business challenges. The Early Birds team will then work with the SMEs to identify and evaluate potential Innovators that can solve customer business challenges. We are currently inviting SMEs to join Early Birds.”

SME’s can join Early Bird Marketplace as consultants and become part of the Early Birds open innovation system. For those who are passionate in helping their customers with disruptive innovations, Early Birds will bring startup, scaleup and mature solutions including a framework to deliver their Explorer and Challenger © programs.

The Explorer program has the purpose of bringing innovation to the whole organization as a service, including subscription to the platform. A dedicated SME will be coordinating with the organization to identify opportunities for introducing relevant innovators regularly to offer solutions to business problems. This program consists of: access to innovation boost webinars every week; a nominated subject matter expert for the enterprise; EarlyBirds platform enterprise license; monthly and quarterly innovation days; and bring focus to target areas of innovation.

The Challenger program, led by our SME’s, is for resolving one particular business challenge at a time with the organization and it starts at $25,000. Features of the program include the: identification and defining of a specific business challenge; the collection of requirements; search, short listing and curation of relevant actionable innovations; the evaluation of the selected innovative solutions; and the creation of a roadmap for the way forward with options to be provided to the customer at the completion of the program.

Early Birds Marketplace is in the business of helping leaders and organizations use actionable innovations from disruptive innovators to transform their business in weeks, not in years. They can transform the business using actionable innovation by: exploring new business models in their particular industry; develop new or significantly improve the business’ products and services; dramatically enhance and disrupt business processes; and create an enterprise innovation culture.

In establishing an innovation culture, the business will need to do a number of things. These include providing people the freedom to experiment with new disruptive solutions; enabling people to share their ideas; allowing for a fail fast, learn faster approach; and establishing an organic innovation culture across the organization.

Businesses will be able to develop better customer solutions by doing several things. These include: attracting new customers through the use of cutting-edge technology; improving customer experience to a whole new level; developing a way to engage with customers more effectively; and providing improved customer satisfaction.

Businesses can explore various investment options through a number of strategies. These include: identification of possible options; exploration of the newest and rapidly emerging innovations; performance of due diligence and curation on chosen innovators; and investing in or acquiring appropriate innovators.

Businesses may then grow revenue opportunities through a number of actions. These include: finding potential growth areas; the implementation of a go to market strategy for increasing revenue; working with relevant innovators; and establishing a commercial advantage.

Businesses may do a number of things to decrease cost and boost efficiency. These include: the evaluation of options for enhancing efficiency; determining innovative methods to minimize cost; identification of technologies that meet business efficiency needs; and transforming the business into one that is more cost effective and more efficient.

And finally, businesses can develop team collaboration through a number of actions. These include: determining key challenges and opportunities; aligning key stakeholders to the business strategy; offering the team access to innovative solutions; and stimulating collaboration in key business functions.

Those who are interested in the Early Birds open innovation ecosystem may want to check out the Early Birds Marketplace website or contact them through email.


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