Study Shows How Much House $350K Buys In Austin

The TX based Koala Insulation Contractor (KIC) is taking steps to highlight a recent Austin study that shows that home values have skyrocketed in the past year. As insulation experts serving the Greater Northwest Austin Area, the company is reaching out to reassure homeowners that they still have options at their disposal if they find the price of a new home too far out of their budget.

The report in question, published by the Inspection Support Network, shows that the median sales price for a home in the US is about $350,000 (as of January, 2021). That represents an $18,500 increase over the previous year. While this sum would be enough to buy a home in the ballpark of 1,800 sq ft for the median price of $190 per square foot, the unfortunate truth is that this is not the case in Austin. Instead, buyers are obliged to spend that same amount on a 1,100 sq ft home for the median price of $304 per square foot. Notably, signs indicate that prices are stabilizing, but this still leaves the prospect of buying a new home well out of many buyers’ budgets.

However, the Koala Insulation Contractor points out that this does not mean homeowners are left completely without any options. Even a modest fraction of $350,000 can make a significant difference on improving a home to bring it in line with what its residents need — if applied with precision and executed by an experienced contractor. According to the company, this is also what many homeowners have already begun doing, and they encourage others in their community to consider doing the same.

Those looking into home improvement will also want to make sure that they are installing the most modern technologies as possible, particularly those that limit heat transfer and other forms of energy waste that can drive up bills. In such cases, KIC is ready to provide their professional assistance. The Koala Insulation Contractor team is able to fulfill virtually every insulation requirement a home may need. The company is also committed to serving as many in their community as possible, and this is one reason customers also enjoy the benefit of highly competitive rates. Learn more here: How to Tell if Your House is Well-Insulated | Symptom.

insulation experts serving the Greater Northwest Austin Area

The company also notes that the winter season is only a few short months away, and there is no better time than the present to get a home ready for the cold season. For one, more homeowners will want to have better insulation installed as temperatures begin to drop (along with their comfort), and this may lead to longer wait times. Certain types of insulation may also require little to no hassle to install, requiring very little of a homeowner’s time.

Jason Wright of Koala Insulation Contractor says, "If there’s one thing I’ve learned about how homeowners describe their experience after installing new fiberglass insulation, they say it was as easy as pie.” KIC offers several types of insulation services, each of which offer various benefits that can include increased home comfort, reduced noise (from the outdoors) and lower energy bills. They also provide eco-friendly options. Koala Insulation Contractor of NW Austin makes it their mission to avoid letting anything go unnoticed. Their knowledge in all things insulation and ventilation is second to none — customers can trust them with their home’s success at all times. By hiring a Koala Insulation expert, customers not only get to enjoy a more efficient home faster, they also get to benefit from the years of energy savings that professionally installed insulation will bring.

The company reminds their community that investing in their home today will also increase its value, which they are likely to appreciate if they still wish to sell the property in the future. In turn, this can contribute to their ability to buy a new house, particularly if the housing market grows more favorable by this point.

Customers who are looking to invest in their homes are welcome to contact Jason Wright of Koala Insulation Contractor to follow up on any further inquiries. Additional information can be found on the company’s official website and other online resources as well. Notably, customers may reach out to the company via the following link for a free insulation evaluation: Ready To Book Your Free Koala Insulation Evaluation.


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