Strength Academy Announces Crash Course For Personal Trainer Certification In Los Angeles

The Strength Academy, a training institute in Los Angeles that helps individuals kickstart their careers as personal trainers, recently announced that it has scheduled a live one-day-only online crash course to take place on June 18, 2022. The fitness trainer school is appealing to aspirants who envision themselves as personal trainers to join the crash course and get all the information that they need to clear the NASM-CPT examination and make it in the fitness industry.

An Instagram post, in which the company announced the Strength Academy Personal Trainer Certification Crash Course, also explained what participants can expect from the event. The company claims that the crash course, which is going to last from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM, will have no time-wasting fluff and will exclusively focus on just efficiently getting across the facts that are critical to passing the NASM-CPT examination. The participants who sign up for the crash course will get access to the company’s exclusive interactive NASM-CPT study guide. Along with the interactive study guide, crash course participants will also get the company’s Need-To-Know Worksheets, the Over/Active Muscle Worksheet, Q&A with Explanations, 23 Chapter Quizzes, 5 Full Practice Exams with over 1500 questions, several NASM-CPT Cheat Sheets, and a 100% Pass Guarantee.

Personal Trainer Certification Crash Course in Los Angeles

A spokesperson for the Strength Academy talks more about the benefits of joining the upcoming crash course by saying, “Strength Academy’s crash course scheduled for Saturday, June 18, 2022, is going to be broadcast live and it is only going to be streamed that day. You won’t have a chance to get the guidance that we are going to offer during the 6-hour information-packed session again. We will walk you through the best way to prepare for the NASM-CPT exam by giving you an overview of everything that you should know. We will suggest study hacks that will help you supplement your existing knowledge about fitness and get you ready to crack the exam in as little as a week. We recommend that you block your weekend to attend the crash course and to study hard for two days. We are fully confident that the following week you will be well-equipped and ready to take the NASM-CPT exam, clear it, and get one step closer to your dream of becoming a personal trainer. So, hurry up and book your slot by heading over to our website at today as reservations are limited.”

The NASM-CPT study guide from Strength Academy is available as a PDF for $75 as a part of the Basic package. When combined with the Need-To-Know Worksheets and 5 Full Practice Exams, the PDF is also available as part of the Standard package for $350. All the perks that will be offered during the crash course can also be purchased directly as a part of the Premium package for $399. However, participants who opt for that will miss out on the live instruction and a discount for the company’s internship program: How to Become a Personal Trainer. Readers can sign up for the live one-day crash course directly on Strength Academy’s website for $500.

The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) offers the Certified Personal Trainer examination for those who want to make a fulfilling career as a personal trainer. The exam can be taken online through a live remote proctor or in-person at any one of its proctoring locations. It is the gateway to a long and productive career as a personal trainer at gyms, health clubs, fitness facilities, and more. The certification is so ubiquitous that a lot of employers won’t even consider a candidate for the job unless they have acquired the certification. Passing the examination is not only a signal to employers that one is ready to take on the challenges of the profession, but it is also a way for candidates to formalize their skills and fill any gaps in their knowledge.

Readers who want to keep up with the Strength Academy’s news and announcements can follow the press releases that it regularly publishes.


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