Strategic Alliance Live Review And Bonus for December 1

Rune Ellingsen, a Norwegian based business strategist dealing with online marketing mostly geared for the English speaking market, shares a review on this upcoming event with his Strategic Alliance Live Review, and includes a bonus in his article crafted to shed light on the full details of the event themes; how to get a surge of leads, using the Leverage Acquisition model featured in the Strategic Alliance Live event which starts on December 1.

The event itself is geared towards online business owners looking for ways to get more out of their efforts by paying it forward and doing good, instead of the regular marketing approaches most are accustomed to. Rune shares the details on this, and also who it is for in great detail, showcasing testimonials from past attendees from the previous 2 events on his post found on his site here Strategic Alliance Review & Bonus.

Strategic Alliance Live Review

From Rune with his experience dating back from 2009 with online marketing, his mindset has shifted in his own words by attending the previous events. After being in the industry for over a decade he has seen most tactics in the field and claims to have read over 10.000 sales pages during this time. More often than not, claims of easy ways to attract an audience are rare. The event in the review shares how business owners can give value first and expect nothing in return and the philosophy is rather rare in this space again, more often than not the strategies revolve around getting something out of the equation in monetary value right away. This simply is not the case with most systems. So the event shares a breath of fresh air based on the philosophy proven in practice by non-other than Jay Abraham which is a pioneer and innovator in marketing.

"Tom Matzen, the host of the event has been a student of Jay Abraham and teaches the brass tactics which can allow participants to adapt to a new way of helping, and in return, using the friendly neighbor approach which has a way of getting things done, without being salesy," Rune says.

In a nutshell, the universal law of giving goes a long way in his opinion and can be seen in real life with examples of watering the plants of one's neighbor for instance.

Most are familiar with this concept when someone goes away and asks a favor, and those who have a friendly relationship with the closest neighbors often do this without hesitating. And the result, again, is often that when one goes away on a vacation or whatnot, the favor is returned without question.

This "law", applies to business as well and has been proven in a multitude of industries. Tom Matzen is a serial entrepreneur who has started over 187 successful coffee shops and wrote a bestselling book on the topic. With a desire for the success of others, the mindset of giving is first with his approach, and with the event, he adopts this in his efforts and teaches it to attendees with exceptionally good testimonials.

Having been at the 2 previous events, Rune Ellingsen has adopted the same vision and is sharing his insights and feelings about the experience in an effort to pay it forward and share the love for success for others striving to make sense of all of the "slow information" out there. December 1st is the start of the event again, and readers can see the full review of it, including a video Rune, made with full transparency on his site where those interested can claim their ticket here: Strategic Alliance Live Review Article and Video with bonus.


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