Stourbridge Invisalign Costs Made Affordable By Bhandal Dental Practice and Finesse Cosmetic Dentists

Stourbridge, England -

Bhandal Dental Practices and Finesse Cosmetic Dentists are pleased to announce that they have partnered with a professional third-party credit provider to offer consumers affordable monthly payment options for Invisalign and other private dental procedures.

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Invisalign Stourbridge

Dr Raghav Kumar, the Lead Specialist in Orthodontics at Bhandal Dental Practices as well as the Lead Cosmetic Dentist at Finesse Cosmetic Dentists, the private dentistry arm of Bhandal Dental Practices, stated, "Our goal is to make Invisalign teeth straightening accessible to as many people in Stourbridge and surrounding areas as possible."

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"We are glad to offer our patients no-interest or low-interest credit options for funding Invisalign and other cosmetic dental treatments," Dr Raghav Kumar added. "We recognise that those who want to get good dental treatment need to be able to afford it. To help our patients, we provide a no-obligation, no-cost introductory consultation. Our patients may learn more about us and choose the best dental treatment choice along with the best financing option for themselves in their first consultation with us. For dental procedures like Invisalign, we offer interest-free financing. A third-party credit company is providing the funding."

Bhandal Dental Practices and Finesse Cosmetic Dentists strive to provide most competitive rates in addition to financing alternatives. "We are able to get Invisalign at a better rate since we are a large group of dental clinics. These procurement savings are passed on to our patients," Dr Raghav Kumar informed.

Investing in one's smile can not only improve it, but will also raise one's confidence, self-esteem, and provide a considerable measure of joy.

The cost of Invisalign treatment is determined by an individual's current dental state, the amount of work that must be done, and the number of Invisalign aligner trays that must be used to correct their smile. The cost of Invisalign varies depending on whether a person needs treatment for just one arch or both upper and lower arches.

Bhandal Dental Practices work with a finance company that offers a credit facility with a monthly payment plan that aims to stay within a patient's monthly budget by spreading the payment with an interest-free credit for up to 12 months and an extended-term credit for up to 5 years to help keep the investment affordable for patients. As a consequence, a patient's monthly Invisalign treatment expense might be as little as £49.

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Bhandal Dental Practices and Finesse Cosmetic Dentists provide a variety of Invisalign treatment bundles for Stourbridge residents to choose from. Anyone interested in receiving an affordable Invisalign treatment should contact Bhandal's Invisalign Hotline at 07516-960000, which can be reached via SMS, WhatsApp, or a simple phone call.


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