Stop Dog Chasing Squirrels and Skateboarders with The Dog’s Balls

The Dog’s Balls dog tennis balls are now available on Amazon and they are designed for retrieval games to control and satisfy the dog’s prey drive, which is their instinctive inclination to chase. In addition, dogs are provided with physical exercise, which is what they need to ensure that they will be calmer at home and there will be less unwanted behaviors. By playing a game of fetch using the dog tennis balls, a pet owner has a safe and healthy way to counteract the overwhelming desire some breeds have to chase moving objects, such as cars, bicycles and skateboards, and go after smaller animals. This reduces the risk of dangerous situations, such as the dogs getting run over by vehicles.

A game of fetch allows dogs to satisfy their natural urge to chase something and this is important for their mental well-being. What is important is that the dogs are able to do this in a safe space that is chosen by the pet owner. The Dog’s Balls dog tennis balls are different from the regular tennis balls in that they have thicker sphere walls, making them robust retrieval toys for dogs. These dog tennis balls have also undergone stringent tests for items that are placed in the mouth, ensuring that they are safe and non-toxic for dogs.

Retrieval games are a great way to keep your dog happy and healthy

There are many benefits of playing fetch with the dog, both for the dog and the pet owner. These include; dog training; mental stimulation for the dog; physical exercise for the dog and owner; a fun way to relieve stress for both pet owner and the dog; and the fact that it helps strengthen one’s bond with the dog.

Faye Vaughan, a spokesperson for the company, says, “It’s our mission to produce products that pass our Quality of Life Test: products that contribute positively to your dog’s health, happiness and overall well-being & that help your dog to live their best life. The Dog’s Balls were designed for retrieval games to satisfy & control your dog’s prey drive - the instinctive inclination to chase - while also providing them with the physical exercise they need to be calmer at home, reducing unwanted behaviors. Playing a game of fetch is a safe & healthy way to curb the overwhelming desire some breeds have to chase smaller animals & moving objects such as cars, skateboards & bicycles.”

The Dog’s Balls dog tennis balls are available in bright colors of blue, yellow, pink, or red to ensure that they are highly visible. This makes them easier to find when playing in the park and other green areas. The materials used have been ensured to be non-toxic for dogs since these balls are to be carried in a dog’s mouth. Both the glue and the ball sphere used are made from natural rubber, and the ink stamps and felt dyes have been assured to be non-toxic. In addition, the non-abrasive felt used has been chosen such that it will not wear down the dog’s teeth and it is easy to clean.

Those who have already tried The Dog’s Balls dog tennis balls have left highly positive reviews. For instance, Jenn gave the product a five-star rating and said, “We are very pleased with these balls; they feel like they are made with the thickness and durability of a standard tennis ball but the size being just under 2 inches in diameter make them perfect for a 7 to 8 week old Rottweiler. He is able to hold them with his mouth, but they are too large to swallow unlike some of the "small" tennis balls we saw in Pet Supplies Plus that we stopped at for a collar on the way home from picking him up. Besides us being pleased with these, our puppy is more than overjoyed with the number of toys he has now and there are enough of the balls that some are in his outside toy bin....”

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