Stinging Pest Control Specialists Hire New Employee

Buzz’s Bee Removal of Stonecrest has been providing professional pest control services to DeKalb County for over a decade now. The company has helped thousands of families and business owners with their custom treatments, routine checkups, and emergency responses over the years. They have built up a lot of trust in the community and are known as being one of the most reliable pest control companies around. They strategically design their services to make sure each customer gets the most effective results.

The company just announced yesterday that they are hiring a new employee onto their team. In the announcement they welcomed Travis Peterson to their team of pest exterminators. The president of Buzz’s Bee Removal welcomed him during a company meeting, “Please help me welcome Travis to the team. Travis has been in the pest control industry for over fifteen years and he and his family just moved to the area. He has an amazing work ethic and is super good at fixing things. I know he is going to do a great job at protecting our community from the stinging pests that lurk.

The company specializes in stinging pests so they can take care of any species of bee, wasp, or hornet. They know everything there is to know about these pests and how to successfully remove them. If there is a honey bee infestation they will safely relocate them to a local beekeeper so that they can continue to pollinate the environment and make honey. Their extermination services are fast and affordable. They will completely remove the hive or nest on the target property and will repair any damages that have been caused by the pests.

They also offer routine checkups. These checkups can be scheduled monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, and annually. They do not require their customers to sign a contract so people can feel free to cancel at any time. These services ensure that there are no pests trying to breach the property and build a new home. This protects the target home or business from major damages and the property owners from having to stress about being stung.

They also offer emergency services. If there is an emergency they will quickly respond to any phone call they get and will arrive at the infestation immediately. Then, they will do their best to exterminate the pests in the best way possible. With this line of work, speed means everything. The longer the pests are left alone, the more damage they will inflict on the property they are infesting.

If residents or business owners have a pest infestation on their residential or commercial property, they should give Buzz’s Bee Removal of Stonecrest a call today. They can be contacted by phone or on their website at


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