Stevens Engineers & Constructors Publish Blog Post Detailing Qualities To Look For In Contractors Offering Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

STEVENS Engineers & Constructors, a family of engineering companies that offers its services in multiple industry domains, has released a blog post detailing the qualities one should look for in metal building suppliers.

STEVENS Corporation, the company as we know it today, was branded as such in 2009 after a string of mergers and expansions over the past century. The company is headquartered in Middleburg Heights, Ohio, just west of Cleveland. The company has provided customers looking for metal building suppliers with a checklist of points to be considered while making the choice.

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The blog post starts with information regarding the difference between manufacturers, contractors, and brokers. According to the blog post, the manufacturer is the company that creates, customizes, and delivers the steel building. Contractors typically purchase metal buildings from manufacturers and then resell them to customers. Brokers bring together all the services that need to do business together.

According to the blog post, the first question to ask while looking for contractors is their license status. The company stresses this point as contractors need to meet local and state requirements. The next follow up question to ask is the amount of experience that the contractors have. According to the company, experience brings reliability and stability to the project.

The next inquiry should be about whether the contractor follows all local codes as required by the state government. The company states that contractors with a history of violating local codes should be steered clear of. The next point to consider is the level of familiarity that the contractor has with metal buildings as each material has its challenges to build with. Another point to consider is the network of local specialists that the contractor utilizes to complete secondary tasks such as plumbing or wiring. A contractor with healthy working relationships with local technicians will deliver the job in a timely manner and with higher quality.

The next point that should be considered is whether the contractor can secure the necessary permits from the local authorities. A contractor who is aware of the rules regarding local permits would be able to get the job done safely and without friction. The company also encourages everyone to get bids from multiple contractors to leverage the competition. The blog post also mentions that bids that seem too good to be true usually are and will prove harmful in the long term.

The blog post ends with an appeal to consider STEVENS’ wholly-owned subsidiary company, CDMG. CDMG was acquired and made a part of STEVENS in 1991. CDMG claims to be a full-service construction and building systems operation that handles design, engineering, project management, installation, and erection all the way to the project’s completion.

According to the company’s About Us page, CDMG is focused on 5 different disciplines. They are civil/structural, electrical, mechanical, piping/HVAC, and automation. CDMG can also provide feasibility studies, project management, construction procurement, expediting services, and pre-engineered buildings.

STEVENS Corporation has a breadth of experience providing services such as engineering, site-work, excavation, pre-engineered buildings, sheet and H-Pile, civil concrete, steel erection, heavy rigging, equipment settings, precision alignment, pipe fabrications, and pipe installation. The corporation has been providing its services in industries such as metals, oil & gas, energy & power, chemical, wastewater, government, and food. STEVENS also has expertise as steel building erectors. They also offer services such as mechanical equipment setting & alignment, construction management, plant maintenance, including shutdown and turnaround services.

Apart from the headquarters in Middleburg Heights, Ohio, STEVENS also has offices in the Northwest Indiana region and just south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in Southpointe. These offices allow them to serve the states of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, and Michigan.

The company has a contact form on the website, allowing potential customers to seek details about the company’s operations and services. The company can be reached at their phone number (440) 234-7888.


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