STEVENS Engineers & Constructors Discuss The Benefits Pre-engineered Metal Buildings Can Have For Businesses

STEVENS Engineers & Constructors, a Middleburg industrial construction company, recently published a blog post talking about some of the reasons a business should consider a metal building. There are a number of advantages that metal buildings offer, and many businesses have already begun factoring in the use of pre-engineered metal buildings.

"If you are a professional starting your own business or looking to expand your existing one, a metal building should be at the top of your list," says STEVENS. "If you're looking to add new buildings to your business, you can't go wrong with a prefabricated metal building. Prefab metal buildings are quickly becoming the go-to choice for many businesses. The design flexibility, durability, and custom options available make them the perfect choice for almost every business. Prefabricated steel buildings offer many benefits that conventional wood or concrete buildings can't. There are many reasons why starting or expanding your business with a metal building makes the most sense, from shorter construction schedules to durability."

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One of the significant advantages offered by metal buildings is the fact that they are eco-conscious. Many businesses are looking to become more eco-friendly, and metal building kits can help them abide by this goal. When one chooses to use steel as their primary material for a commercial building, they are choosing to use a 100% recyclable material. Not only is the steel reusable, choosing to use metal reduces the number of trees cut down to supply the needed resources. STEVENS also delivers the building kits directly to the job site, which makes the construction process smoother and decreases the amount of equipment required at the job site, making the construction process more eco-friendly. Metal buildings are also better for insulation and can be adjusted to temperature changes. In addition, metal roofing is better at dissipating heat from the sun, which helps to keep energy costs down.

Simplicity is another advantage offered by steel building kits. "Instead of getting multiple shipments across days and weeks, making sure you have the right piece at the right time, you have everything at once with pre-engineered metal building kits," the blog post states. "They're so easy to build that some businesses can even put them together themselves."

Prefabricated steel buildings are not only easy to erect but also very durable once built. Metal buildings are a lot less likely to crack or split, and they are resistant to the pests that wooden building owners need to be wary of. Fire is less of an issue as well, and weather that would typically destroy traditional structures is less devastating to metal buildings. Maintenance when it comes to steel is minimal, with steel being able to maintain both its look and function over a long period of time. This means lower maintenance costs compared to traditional buildings, and the building will last longer despite needing less maintenance.

Metal buildings are some of the cheapest and safest buildings out there, and STEVENS specializes in providing high-quality pre-engineered metal buildings. The company is dedicated to delivering the very best the metal building industry offers and works to build special relationships with each client. "Our goal is to give every client a superior experience," the company says. "Working with our clients to ensure that they receive a final product that meets and exceeds their expectations is what we strive for."

Some of their clients have left reviews online talking about their experiences with STEVENS. The project manager at Kinder Morgan says, for instance, "STEVENS performed a very difficult earth moving project for the Utopia Pipeline successfully. Steep terrain, sensitive environmental areas, and several air bridges were built across multiple pipelines to safely move dirt from one area to another. All work was done safely and without incident. All personnel were professional and adapted to the changing weather and site conditions very well."

More information on STEVENS and their Pre-engineered Metal Buildings can be found on the company's website. STEVENS welcomes any and all inquiries regarding their work and products.


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