Stephanie Wynn to Host Book Marketing Workshop Series in January 2021

Stephanie Wynn of Stephanie A. Wynn Business Solutions, a company based in St Petersburg, FL, will be hosting her upcoming “I’ve Published My Book Now, What?” Author Workshop Series starting in January 2021. This will be a live virtual workshop series for the emerging author. In this workshop series, Stephanie will be discussing various topics designed to help people who are new to book publishing, such as how to develop a business mindset, determining one’s target audience, the importance of a brand, and how to get their book into Barnes and Noble. To know more about Stephanie, people may want to check out her LinkedIn page at

Stephanie Wynn is encouraging authors to take advantage of the current situation in which 12 percent more people are reading things online compared to before the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, many people have more time to write a book and promote their stories out to the world. Live in-person events for promoting new published books have been postponed and it is not yet clear when they will be back. Fortunately, there are alternative ways of promoting a newly published book. And by writing books that are impactful and engaging, people may be able to use their content to develop new streams of income.

Stephanie A. Wynn, book marketing

Stephanie Wynn wants to emphasize that there are three ways that allow emerging authors to promote their book during the pandemic. One way is to establish a coaching program. Authors can convert the content of their book into a curriculum and make an impact on the lives of many people. Budding authors may be able to charge whatever price they think is appropriate for allowing people access to their content. For instance, the average group coaching program is typically priced between $497 to $997. This means that if just 10 people are enrolled, that would mean an income of about $5,000. Those who want to know more about Stephanie can view the video at

Another way to promote a book during the pandemic is to create a digital product or service based on the book’s content. The content could be strategies or proven techniques to help people undergo some kind of transformation. It is possible to establish either a digital course or a one-on-one consultation service to allow people to consume the content on a deeper level. This is a great addition that can be bundled with the book that has been recently launched.

The third way to promote a newly launched book during the pandemic is to create a virtual event. This is a great alternative to the usual live in-person events in allowing people to better understand the content of the book. With the lockdowns, people have more time to learn new skills or even enhance their self-confidence or their level of inspiration. It is a good idea to repurpose the content into a virtual masterclass or workshop series and there is no limit to the number of participants in the event. All three methods provide a way not just to produce additional income but also to connect with the target audience of the book in a major way.

Stephanie A. Wynn is a distinguished, gifted and Black business woman who is the mastermind and founder of Stephanie A. Wynn Business Solutions. This is a branding, marketing and business development company. She is a serial entrepreneur and world-renowned author of the book “Readi-Set Go! A Simple Guide to Establishing A Successful Small Business,” who educates and assists millions of entrepreneurs on achieving success. She has owned a number of successful businesses in the past, having established her first business at the age of 23. She has first-hand knowledge on how being an author is truly a business. She considers authors as entrepreneurs, which means that they can discover new and creative ways to market their book.

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