Steadfast Tree Care Tackles the Emotional Component of Tree Removal in New Blog Post

Steadfast Tree Care, a professional tree services provider based in Ruther Glen, Virginia, has published an article on the company blog discussing the emotional component of tree removal. This is the result of people unconsciously forming emotional bonds with the trees around them. Indeed, tree removal may have some negative effects, not just on the environment but also on property value. This is because homes with trees in the yard are well-valued because of their positive effects on the environment and their aesthetic value. On the other hand, tree removal may be needed when there are too many trees in the area or a tree has become diseased. More about the emotional component of removing a tree can be gleaned from the article at

Phillip Wood, a spokesperson for Steadfast Tree Care, says, “Also, while the shade provided by trees is important, too much shade can become a problem. Trees require sufficient space to grow into their natural form, and it also allows for proper air movement. Further, disease outbreaks are much less likely.”

He continues, “When a tree has sentimental value, it can be all the more difficult to have it removed. However, sentimentality should never be prioritized over safety. Moreover, replacing a beloved tree with a healthier, younger tree allows the cycle of life and natural beauty to continue. Call us for expert tree removal that’s safe, and that will improve the health of your yard.”

Tree removal has its advantages and disadvantages and therefore, it is important to weigh the various factors when choosing whether to proceed with it. Sometimes, it may be a good idea just to let a drying tree die in place as long as it does not pose a danger to people, structures, pets, vehicles, or when it weakens and possibly falls down. The reason is that wildlife, such as woodpeckers like to make a nest in them and they also find food in dead trees. However, if half of the tree already appears to be damaged, it may be a good idea to have it removed. Although there’s a possibility that the tree may still survive for a number of years, it may no longer look great because its appearance may be negatively affected by abnormal growth. Those who are interested in reading more articles about tree care can check out the company’s blog site at

Steadfast Tree Care is a company that provides tree trimming and pruning services, tree cutting and removal, and additional services. Tree trimming and pruning may help in ensuring that the trees remain healthy and beautiful. Tree trimming or pruning may be needed during a number of occasions. For example, the branches of a tree may be touching a part of the house and if allowed to grow further, there may come a time when a strong wind can cause the branch to hit a part of the home with such force that the house is damaged. Or it could be possible that the branches of a tree are now touching electric power lines and the tree branch may also hit the power lines and cause a short circuit, resulting in an inconvenient power failure. Or the tree branches may have been weakened by disease or pests and are in danger of falling on the house, people, or vehicles.

Aside from tree removal and tree trimming or pruning, Steadfast Tree Care also offers various kinds of additional tree care services. One such service is cleanup after a storm that may have caused trees to fall down and demolished several tree branches, resulting in a mess in the yard. Another important service is stump removal because some tree removal service providers may leave the tree stumps. Tree experts from Steadfast Tree Care will grind the stump, break it up, dig it out, and then haul all of the debris away.

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