Steadfast Tree Care Publishes Online Tree Removal Safety Tips

Steadfast Tree Care is pleased to announce that it has recently published an article about tree removal safety for King William, Virginia property owners needing to remove a tree.

Removing a tree safely is a very serious business and many property owners have at least one tree that they wish was gone. Whether that is because it is old and fragile or simply because they want to build a new extension where the tree is currently located.

Safety is of paramount importance and it is critical that removal is planned carefully and that the proper tools that are necessary will be at hand. Steadfast Tree Care's article explains how to choose the best tools and how to determine how the job is best approached. For example, a tree with a three-inch diameter or larger should be cut with a chainsaw, not a handsaw, and definitely not an axe.

Billy Hatfield, a Steadfast Tree Care customer said that he is unlikely to ever cut down a tree again himself. "Now that I have seen how quickly, efficiently, and safely the professionals do it," he said. "I don't see taking a chance with my own chainsaw anymore. My wife said it was a real relief to her too when I decided to hire Steadfast."

Cutting down a tree is a dangerous business and more than 50 people a year are killed during tree-care accidents in the USA. Many, if not all, of those deaths could have been avoided if the people had used the proper tools for the job or even better, had hired professionals. Even the "simple" approach to felling a relatively small tree, which is cutting it down near the base, can easily go wrong and fall on nearby vehicles, people, animals, or even just someone else's property. And if it should fall on property that belongs to someone else, obviously that can create additional expenses and even liability issues.

Steadfast Tree Care Tree Removal Service King William VA

Planning in advance is a hugely important part of dealing with trees for a property owner. On the company's main tree removal service page at, it has also published information that people should consider and will find helpful as they are deciding what they want or need to do with the trees and other natural areas on their property.

Phillip Wood, a spokesperson for Steadfast Tree Care, said, "People are often surprised by how quickly we can get in there and get the job done. We hear all the time that we have saved them so much effort and time. Our experts have many years of experience and have top-shelf professional equipment."

The other thing that property owners need to bear in mind is that even professional tree service people can make mistakes, which is why just hiring the first tree service company is not going to be the answer. For example, many tree services use the practice of "topping" trees - where they just cut all a straight line across the top and leave it flat/cutting things with much less control. This clumsy approach may even be harmful to the tree and it certainly is not an attractive look, either.

Mr. Mallinson continued, "Obviously, all tree care companies are not created equal. We are knowledgeable and serious about the work that we do, and we're going to consider things from nature's point of view as a matter of course. We want the trees to be healthy! For example, it takes a highly trained professional to detect the presence of insects, fungus, blights, or microorganisms that may be threatening trees which is why we recommend property owners have regular inspections."

Based in Virginia, Steadfast Tree Care covers a number of counties and metropolitan areas in Virginia including Caroline County, The City of Fredericksburg, Hanover County, King William County, Orange County, Spotsylvania County and Stafford County.

Anyone wishing to find out more about the safety considerations and other helpful articles offered online by Steadfast Tree Care should visit the company's website or call the company's customer service line.


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