Steadfast Tree Care New Blog Provides Great Information and Advice for Transplanting Trees

Steadfast Tree Care has just posted a new blog article on their website that offers useful information for those wishing to transplant a tree to another location in their yard. This Ruther Glen and Sparta, Virginia area company posts similar advice-filled blogs on their website on a weekly basis. All this is done in an effort to help their customers make critical tree care decisions when it comes to choosing between doing DIY tree work or letting Steadfast Tree Care do it for them. Their blogs are written on tree services that they perform routinely, so they are considered to be experts in these tree care specialties. This newest blog post from them can be seen on the company’s website here at

The company owner, Phillip Wood, stated, “Occasionally, we'll receive calls from customers in Sparta or elsewhere that want us to move a tree on their property for them or give them advice on how to do it themselves. This is a sensitive task that requires much more than just digging up the root ball of the tree and then moving it to another location in a yard and watering it for a few days. As a matter of fact, as we go about doing our services each week, we run across several examples of transplanted trees that simply did not make it. All of this is what prompted us to sit down and collectively write this very helpful blog article on how to properly transplant trees.”

According to the new blog article, the focus should be on two main areas for those looking to transplant a tree. These are digging up the roots of the tree to move it and then how to properly care for a tree that has recently been transplanted. The article mentioned that such things as proper root pruning needs to be done well in advance of transplanting to make moving a tree easier and less stressful to its health. It was also stated in the article that a property owner can expect some signs of tree shock even if the preparation before moving the tree has been properly done. According to the new blog, tree shock can be minimized by moving the tree as quickly as possible and getting water and nutrients to the soil around it immediately after it has been moved. The article also stated that the crews at Steadfast Tree Care have the knowledge and equipment to assist their customers in doing this delicate tree service successfully.

This new blog article is just one of many different informational blogs the company has posted on its website over the last few years. Another recent one was highlighted in a press release that can be seen at In this blog article, the author talks about the intricacies of removing trees and the many decisions that need to be made to undertake this process safely and effectively. The article pointed out that some of the most important factors for a customer to consider when choosing whether they should or shouldn’t undertake DIY tree removal include the size of the tree that needs to be removed, the homeowner’s experience at doing this task, and if they have access to the proper safety equipment and tools to do the job.

According to Wood, Steadfast Tree Care provides several other professional tree services to Central Virginia property owners besides tree removal and tree transplanting. This includes doing complete stump removal after a tree had been taken down to make the ground area where the tree once stood 100% usable again. They also are very skilled when it comes to tree trimming, storm cleanup, debris removal, and land clearing. This popular Ruther Glen-based company also responds to tree emergencies. He says that for those seeking more information on the types of tree services that Steadfast Tree Care offers, they can refer to his company’s website or follow this link:


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