Steadfast Tree Care Cautions Homeowners Against Postponing Tree Removal

Ruther Glen, VA based tree care specialist Steadfast Tree Care is taking steps to warn residents not to delay having a tree removed from their property if necessary. Given that trees often need to be removed because they pose a danger to people and property in the vicinity, the company urges homeowners not to allow such a risk to go unattended for long. Explore the subject of tree care as well as the work that Steadfast Tree Care does at the following link:

One of the ways Steadfast Tree Care stays in contact with their community is through their blog. On this blog, which can be freely accessed through the company’s website, they recently posted a new article that reveals some local history and explains in detail why tree removal should never be postponed or handled by people other than professionals, especially if the tree in question is not sound.

According to the company, Bowling Green, VA only gained its name after New Hope (the area’s previous name) founder Major John Hoomes donated a plantation. The article adds, “Even so, Bowling Green is now referred to as the ‘cradle of American horse racing.’ This is because the plantation became one of the first horse racing tracks in the country. You can imagine the preparation that needed to be done before the track was ready for use. It's very likely that tree removal was necessary. Are you planning to transform your yard so it looks better? Here are some reasons why tree removal may be a viable option for you as well.” As previously noted, one of the biggest causes for concern that leads up to tree removal occurs when the tree is found to be unsound in any way. This can be due to a number of reasons, including disease, damage and death.

The article explains that diseased trees will often need to be removed because the chances of salvaging them tend to be quite low. Once a disease takes root and begins to overcome the tree in question, even skilled and certified arborists are left with few options to pursue before they will be forced to conclude that the tree is beyond saving. Homeowners should be aware that, while consulting with their tree care specialist will be the most likely manner in which they come across a solution—if a solution exists at all—the specialist may recommend that the tree be taken down before it deteriorates further. Those who have developed an emotional bond with the trees on their property may wish to browse the following link if they find themselves unwilling to have the tree taken down:

On that note, this decision is made far easier if the tree has died. As the company points out, a dead tree offers little value to a property, and it can even contribute significantly to a depreciation in the property’s value if left unchecked. Furthermore, a dead tree can present an immediate hazard to both people and property nearby, especially if it looms over a building, parking area and so on. Steadfast Tree Care clarifies that, “A dead tree needs to be professionally removed before it decays and causes serious damage to your property because of time, or the next big storm. Not to mention, it can become a haven to termites, which in turn could lead to infestations elsewhere on your property.”

However, the company also warns homeowners against attempting to take the trees down by themselves. For one, only a professional would be able to identify whether a tree is truly a lost cause and whether it needs to be removed. On the other hand, tree removal requires a great deal of industry knowledge and experience to ensure the process is as smooth and safe as possible for all parties involved. Learn more at the following link:

More information can be found on the company’s official website, and customers are welcome to reach out to Phillip Wood of Steadfast Tree Care to make any further inquiries. The company also reassures their community that any work they undertake will be carried out in accordance with safe social distancing practices and similar precautions. Steadfast Tree Care can also be reached through their Facebook page.


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