STD Statistics Show Why Positive Singles Enjoy the Comfort that Looking for Someone on Meet Offers Them

The team that put together the website realizes that everyone has a right to find love even those living with an STD. They also realize that unfortunately, there is a lot of stigmas attached to dating someone that has an STD. What many living with an STD might be surprised to learn is that they are by no means alone. This fact was never more evident than with some of the STD statistics that have been posted on the website. Once STD positives take a look at these statistics, they will quickly realize why a website such as not only works but also how it will provide them with a comfortable option to seek someone to spend the rest of their lives with.

The above-mentioned statistics on the website start with the fact that the CDC estimates that there are some 20 million people that contract one of the viruses that cause STDs every single year. That puts the possibility of getting an STD on par with that associated with most pandemics, albeit in a more hidden way because of the stigma associated with STDs. The most common types of sexually transmitted infections that people get in America each year are chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital herpes, syphilis, hepatitis B, human papillomavirus, and trichomoniasis. According to their website, about 50% of these infections occur in people from 15 – 24 which are some of the prime matchmaking years. Since not all of these viruses can be cured or eliminated promptly, that means as many as 110 million people can be experiencing the impact of STDs at any given time. CEO, Jack Lombardi, says, “Those that are living with an STD and have read the statistics that were just mentioned, now know that it’s very possible to meet someone that is experiencing a similar situation as them. This is the best way to avoid what we call having ‘the talk’. Something that every STD-positive person faces when they are dating and care about someone and want to come clean about the status of their health. Some of us here on staff can fully relate to being in this position and that’s the driving force behind the creation of our website.”

Lombardi says that these statistics not only show that there are many people out there living with STDs but it’s also possible to bring these people together. That’s where their website comes into play. It has been designed to connect those living with STDs and give them their best shot at meeting and forming lasting relationships. He says their website does this through the use of advanced algorithms combined with a staff that’s very knowledgeable in the field of online dating. This has led them to become the #1 STD dating website. He says that their system has helped thousands of STD-positive individuals find connections that have led to dates. They also have a nice 51% to 49% mix of men to women that use their website. This dating site’s CEO said that no more proof is needed that their system works than the fact that hundreds of messages are exchanged each hour on their website. He also added the entire experience for their users was designed with comfort and feeling normal again in mind. This is something that other types of websites cannot begin to give to a person living with an STD.

The CEO of also mentioned that signing up with them for assistance meeting someone who is also living with an STD could not possibly be easier. All they have to do is go to the top of the homepage and answer a few simple questions. This includes their sex, what the sex is of their preferred partner is, the age range of the person they are looking for, the type of STD they have, and their location. He says that the website will take over from there and guide a person through the rest of the matchmaking process.


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