STD Dating Website Welcomes UK Members

Online dating platform is reaching out to STD-positive individuals in the UK to share that there is a place for them among the site’s members. As the UK has a sizeable population of STD-positive individuals, the site hopes that the services they offer will be able to provide more people with the opportunity to find love even if they were previously on the verge of giving up hope. Learn more about the platform and everything it has to offer its members at the following link: STD Dating In The UK.

According to the BBC, the number of new diagnoses of STDs (now more commonly known as STIs) is on the rise in the UK, and this practically means that hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people have to live with a sexually transmitted infection on a daily basis in this region alone. This in turn means that a relative lack of knowledge regarding these infections and the people they affect can lead many to uphold a stigma that simply does not take actual facts into account.

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For instance, many tend to believe that simply being around a person with an STI can lead to them having a higher risk of being infected as well. This is simply not the case. Similarly, this is also why the term STD (which stands for Sexually Transmitted Diseases) is falling out of use based on the suggestion of experts in the field—not all infections develop into diseases. It is more accurate, they say, to refer to cases as STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections).

Whatever the term used, however, recognizes that many people will have to deal with the social stigma of having such an infection whether their friends and family understand the facts behind it or not. Jack Lombardi of states, “Even now, we only use the term ‘STD’ because it is often what people are more familiar with. It is more important for us as a platform to connect with people looking for fulfilling and enduring relationships than it is to risk losing them due to a difference in language. However, the fact remains that no matter what you call it, the stigma a person with an STI has to endure tends to be completely unfair to them as a person. It can keep them from forming close relationships with friends and family. It can also keep them from exercising one of their most fundamental rights as human beings and looking for love.” believes that the platform they host is the answer to this problem and more. Lombardi explains, “Everyone wants to find love but disclosing the existence of an STI can be a really difficult conversation to have with someone you have strong feelings for. The risk of rejection is higher than normal, again because of the stigma attached to being a positive individual. However, what if you never had to have ‘the talk’ again? What if both you and your potential significant other were on the same page from the moment you connected with each other? This scenario is a practical reality on, and our members are able to search for romantic interests among a database of people who are just like them.”, which is often known as the herpes dating website, allows its members to identify their own condition from a variety of known STIs (thereby searching exclusively for matches in a similar situation), including chlamydia, thrush, syphilis and more as well as the various forms of herpes. In addition to other search parameters that users will be familiar with if they use dating websites, such as age, location and so on, the site utilizes a unique algorithm that is expressly designed to pair people who have the greatest chance of forming long lasting relationships.

More information can be found on the website. Additionally, those interested in exploring what the site has to offer in greater detail are welcome to reach out to Jack Lombardi to follow up on any further inquiries. Similarly, they may follow either or Lombardi on their preferred social media platforms in order to stay up to date with their latest news and announcements.


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