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USA based is pleased to offer their dating website exclusively to people with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The platform currently aims to unite people with STDs from both northern cities like Sacramento & San Francisco and southern ones such as Los Angeles & San Diego. is saddened by the fact that there is still a widespread stigma around those having STDs. In fact, data from Healthy People shows that more than 20 million Americans, especially those aged from 15 to 24, suffer from some form of discrimination because they have STD. They are judged by many people who assume that they are promiscuous and do not know how to take care of themselves and their hygiene.

The dating platform, on the other hand, seeks to correct those misconceptions, as they believe that people with STDs are still normal human beings who deserve to find love and be happy. They have medical conditions, but that does not mean that they are not capable of making friends and engaging in romance. More importantly, their conditions do not affect their natural interactive skills. In fact, they are even driven to learn more about themselves and share their sentiments with others. promises to provide a community network wherein Californians with STDs may freely talk to each other and date. They have certain tools, like text messages, calls and video chat that facilitate interaction among their members. All of these tools can be used in private mode in order to ensure the security of all parties.

Additionally, the platform also employs artificial intelligence capable of empathizing with the users’ behavior and preferences. Its algorithm is also able to find people with the same interests much easier while minimizing the chance of rejection and making the socialization process more engaging. The system tries to make sure that there is an equal ratio of males and females logging on to the website. Furthermore, should it detect any violation of its user policies, like spreading hate to the STD Dating California community, it immediately removes the spiteful and uncooperative users responsible for such actions.

Aside from these features, offers practical advice for proper online dating etiquette. First and foremost, members should be aware of their STD— its causes, effects on the body and treatment. They should also be open about it with their partner. This vulnerability not only establishes a sense of credibility and honesty but also expresses how they want to be treated. Furthermore, even if STD laws in California have been loosened since 2017, refusing to disclose the illnesses and exposing others may cause charges due to violating people’s right to health.

Finally, dating does not mean that members have to behave any different than they would if they did not have an STD. While it is true that they have an STD, they should not use their condition as a reason to interact with hesitation. Immediately after opening up to their partners, they should give them some time to acknowledge the confession. Then, if they think that the information is already digested, they may continue asking questions and begin chatting about acceptable topics as if they were in a normal conversation. More importantly, they should also remind each other not to make sudden decisions—like meeting in person—in order to avoid embarrassing themselves.

For six years, has encouraged millions of Americans to speak up about their condition and find love with others who have STDs as well. With its catchphrase “Never Have ‘The Talk’ Again,” the website has encouraged members to spread love while protecting their data privacy.

CEO Jack Lombardi has expressed his optimism that the website will be able to gain the trust of the STD community. He says, "The good thing about this website is that you will be socializing with other positive singles. These are people who will not want an explanation of your condition since they already know your status. Go through a number of herpes dating sites reviews to find the top websites for people with herpes and get a chance to date again."

Those who have STDs and wish to meet new people online may go to the official website, As they sign up, they need to disclose important details and abide by the terms and conditions of chatting. After this, they can freely communicate with other members through PC or mobile.

Languages like Russian, Spanish, French, Dutch, and Danish are also available for non-English speakers. Additionally, interested users may regularly look up’s official social media accounts in order to stay up to date with their news and announcements.


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