Stars and Stripes Dumpster Rental Service Works With Walker Mill Md Community

Capitol Heights, MD based Stars and Stripes Dumpster Rentals is pleased to share that their team can reach customers in and around Walker Mill, MD. As a result, a fast, convenient and customer-friendly dumpster rental service is now at the disposal of homes and businesses in the area. Learn more here:

As the company’s website proudly proclaims, the service they provide is essentially ‘Dumpster Rentals Made Easy.’ A customer who knows what they want, for instance, can visit the company’s website today and schedule a date for their dumpster rental on the platform’s built-in calendar. There is no need to call their customer service department, nor speak to any of their representatives for any other reason if the customer does not wish to do so. If a dumpster is available on the date indicated, it can be booked. The process has been streamlined to be as straightforward as possible.

Stars & Stripes Dumpster Rentals

However, there are certain scenarios where the customer may wish to speak with the company, such as when they have concerns whether dumpsters can be delivered to their area. Homeowners on the outskirts of Walker Mill, for instance, may wonder if their location is outside the company’s reach. Fortunately, this is not the case, and they are welcome to call Stars and Stripes Dumpster Rentals directly to confirm. A small fee may apply depending on how far outside the company’s service area the residence or business in question is, but Stars and Stripes Dumpster Rentals is generally able to accommodate requests of this nature.

The same is true for other concerns a customer may have. Even if the company cannot help for whatever reason, they will do their best to direct the customer to another provider or resource who has what they are looking for. Customer service is of paramount importance at Stars and Stripes Dumpster Rentals.

This has led to great feedback from the community, the members of whom generally offer the company their highest recommendations. Kandace B. says, “Even if you aren't a veteran, call here! This place goes above and beyond to help others, even on short notice! I spoke with Brian on the phone and told him about my situation with getting a last minute rental. He was very transparent with me about scheduling and pricing, and was checking the schedule to try and get me a rental in less than two hours despite others booking ahead of me. I knew my request was very short notice, but he tried to get me something. He searched for a way that everyone could be happy without compromising the customers that came before me.”

While this customer reports that they ultimately decided to decline in order to avoid a potential clash with another rental, they say that they appreciated the time the company gave them. Notably, this is far from the only testimonial the company has received that mentions how they treat customers who need a dumpster rental on short notice.

J. Purdy says, “We used Stars and Stripes Dumpster Rental Service for our house clean up and it was the best decision we made. The dumpster arrived on time with our very last minute request. Great customer service, reasonable pricing and friendly encounter. We highly recommend this business for all your junk around the house or business!”

The company offers three types of dumpsters: the 10-yard dumpster, 15-yard dumpster and the 20-yard dumpster. Whichever the customer chooses, the standard rental period will last for three days. If necessary, an extension can be purchased depending on how many days the customer wants the dumpster to remain onsite. Similarly, if the project in question proves to have much more junk than they anticipated, they can arrange to have the first dumpster retrieved and replaced with an empty unit until they are finished.

Further details regarding pricing, availability and more can be found on the official Stars and Stripes Dumpster Rentals website. While bookings can be made online, customers may also call the company to have a representative provide assistance. Learn more here: Dumpster Rentals -Walker Mill Maryland.


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