St. Louis Cleaning & Restoration Advises People on What to Do to Prevent Water Damage

St Louis Cleaning & Restoration wants to remind homeowners and local businesses that while they need to hire a professional to deal with damage caused by water, there are things they can do to prevent it. The company that has been providing residential and commercial cleaning and restoration services since 1991 seeks to emphasize that ignoring a leaky water valve or pipe, for instance, may result in extensive damage that would be much more expensive to remedy than if the problem were dealt with immediately. Things that people usually don’t think of, such as checking their foundation and basement and getting regular roof inspections, are important as well.

The cleaning and restoration company has recently published a blog post that presents eight ways to protect a home from getting damaged by water. These are: identifying and repairing all leaks; guarding the foundation and basement; getting routine roof inspections; checking gutters and downspouts regularly; checking the drainage setup; knowing where the water main is located; changing hoses or parts of appliances; and inspecting the water heater.

Kevin Finn, owner of St. Louis Cleaning & Restoration, says, “Knowing how to protect your property from potential damage from water is crucial. You’ll save money and time, and gain peace of mind. But if you find that your home has suffered water damage, you must act quickly. Fast action on your part will help minimize the time and expense for repairs, resulting in a faster recovery.”

First of all, it is advisable to check for leaks around the windows, doors, and storefront systems. This is because if the windows and doors are not fitted properly, rain and snow may be able to get in. Strong winds may also increase the chances of water getting in the home. And it is also a good idea to check if there are any leaking plumbing fixtures, such as clogged drains and dripping pipes.

Next, it is a good idea to prevent the basement from getting flooded. One way to do that is to ensure that the ground slopes way from the home’s foundation. Having a sump pump in the basement may also prove to be convenient later on because it can be used to remove any groundwater that is able to seep in. Water should not be allowed to get into the basement because the moisture can wick up the wallboard and then cause mold to grow both behind and inside the walls.

And since the roof is another way through which water can get inside the home, having the roof inspected regularly by a professional is advisable. It is vital for the flashings to be inspected because water intrusion in spaces where building materials come together is common. All vents should also be checked to make sure that they are working properly. Also, incorrectly installed drainage systems and roof sloping can be a main source of water intrusion in the home. If these are ignored, water damage can occur in the attic.

Downspouts and gutters should also be inspected regularly because they can easily get clogged, particularly if there are trees in the yard or near the home. A strong wind or heavy rain can cause the leaves, seeds, and other debris to fall into the gutters and plug them up. Gutters that are ignored and never cleaned often cause damage to the siding and the foundation because of water overflowing and running down the side of the home instead.

The drainage setup should also be checked to make sure that it has been done properly. If it has not been done correctly, water may cause damage to the foundation, causing it to crack and settle unevenly.

Meanwhile, knowing where the water main is located is advisable for the homeowner to be able to quickly turn off the water in the event that a pipe gets broken. The longer the delay, the more water will get inside the home and cause more damage.

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