Sports Massage Therapist Available In Puyallup

Puyallup, Washington based Unlocking The Body Massage Therapy is inviting the community to take advantage of their sports massage therapy services. Unlocking The Body Massage Therapy is dedicated to providing high quality massage therapy and complementary services to the residents of Puyallup and the surrounding areas.

Unlocking The Body Massage Therapy says sports massage is a focused and systematic way to target muscles that are used in specific sports. Sports massage uses a variety of techniques to decrease muscle pain and improve recovery as well as improve performance, overall range of motion, flexibility, and circulation or as a post event detoxification to decrease muscle soreness. At Unlocking The Body Massage Therapy, sports massage therapists can assist with training, rehabilitation, and pre- or post-performance goals. While sports massages are often perceived as an exclusive service reserved for elite and amateur athletes, a good sports massage can also be beneficial for anyone who exercises regularly.

The team of licensed massage therapists at Unlocking The Body Massage Therapy are well versed in a range of sports massage techniques. From general relaxation before a sporting event to working out the tension and stress after the event, the Unlocking the Body team are guaranteed to meet their clients’ specific needs.

In addition to helping athletes in the ways described above, sports massage — like any other massage — can also have a wide variety of additional benefits. Good massages can enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow, release endorphins, pump oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs, improve the condition of the skin, promote tissue regeneration, reduce spasms and cramping, and even lessen the effects of depression and anxiety. Massage can even increase sleep quality and reduce fatigue. All of these benefits can have a great positive impact on athletes and others who incorporate exercise into their lifestyle.

The sports massage therapist in Puyallup is committed to making their services accessible to more people. Unlocking The Body Massage Therapy accepts several insurance carriers, including Regence, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Amazon, Teamsters, First Choice Health Network, and so on. Billing sports massage therapy requires a diagnosis code from a doctor, naturopath, chiropractor, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner, but Unlocking The Body Massage Therapy assures that they can help their clients get it.

Unlocking The Body offers more than sports massages, notably. A wide array of options are available, such as a full massage session, starting at a $90 base price for a one hour session, $135 base price for 1.5 hours, and $180 base price for 2 hours, with the ability to add other services as needed. In addition to basic body massages, they offer breast-chest massages, hot stone massages, thai yoga massages, ashiatsu massage, intraoral massage, craniosacral therapy, and more.

The work done by Unlocking The Body Massage Therapy to contribute to their clients’ well being has earned them great praise from their community. Terry C. writes, “I am so glad I found this hidden gem. Eric M. is absolutely amazing! He is very well in tune with his clients and their needs. I suffered from a lot of back pain prior to seeing Eric, and in the short amount of time that I’ve been coming to this place, I’ve seen a great deal of improvement. I always look forward to my massages with him. I have referred friends and family to see Eric. He’s great! Very friendly and deeply cares for his clients’ health. Highly recommend it!”

In another review, Karlee D. writes, “My favorite place to get a massage! I haven't encountered a massage therapist that wasn't amazing over the years that I've been visiting. They helped me after a car accident and are great for just a relaxing massage too. They have a great atmosphere, and they sell candles that smell amazing!! I always recommend them!”

Those who are interested in learning more about Unlocking The Body Massage Therapy or are simply looking for a sports massage or a medical day spa in Puyallup should visit the company’s website for more information or stop by their location at 8112 112th St Ct E, Puyallup, WA 98373. Interested parties are encouraged to get in touch with them via phone, email or social media.


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