Spokane, WA Insurance Agency Welcomes Their First of What They Hope to be Many Interns

Spokane, Washington’s KBG Insurance & Financial is a company that has become known for more than just its many affordable insurance options. This includes being a company that gives back to their local community whenever they can. Their latest endeavor along these lines is the new internship position that they have created. It will give those who have just graduated or are currently attending college a chance to immerse themselves in the business world and more specifically, learn many aspects of what it’s like to be in the insurance and finance business. Their very first intern to take advantage of this newly created program, Brian Hill, will be at the agency soon working alongside the agents and other staff members.

Hill brings an impressive all-around resume to his new internship position. Highlights of which include the fact that he is a Spokane resident who graduated from University High School in 2015. He is currently a graduate student and athlete at The College of Saint Rose. Hill will receive his MBA degree at the end of the current semester and has mixed emotions when it comes to playing his final season of college baseball. His interest in the internal and external factors that impact a business is what motivated him to seek an internship at KGB.

Hill stated, “This KBG internship is an exciting opportunity that will help me further my business-related knowledge and skills. I am excited to be learning from people who have plenty of lessons and experiences to share with me as well as being able to contribute my own knowledge from school. I am very passionate about this and I am eager to take full advantage of the opportunity that KBG Insurance & Financial has given to me.” Hill also said that it’s great to be able to get out of the classroom and into a true business environment. It was also mentioned by him that it’s a bonus to be able to learn both the insurance and investment aspects of the business. The new intern added that he is especially looking forward to learning more about business insurance because this is something that is totally new to him and he has ambitions to be a business owner one day himself.

The founder of the agency, Joshua Loera, says, “I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Brian onboard with us. Having an intern position at the agency is something that I have thought about doing for a very long time and it brings a big smile to my face now that it’s actually happening. If all of the young men and women that come to intern with us are as eager to learn and excited for the opportunity as Brian is, then this is going to be something that my staff and I will really enjoy being a part of.”

Other ways that this faith-based Christian company gives back to the Spokane community include their generous donations to Ronald McDonald House and their affiliations with such local charities as Bite 2 Go, Shoes2Play, and YoungLife. Loera mentioned that they have what they call their ‘1 Policy = 1 Child’ program. This translates to them being dedicated to helping one child with a portion of the proceeds for each insurance policy that they write. He emphasized that the child recipients of this help come from all backgrounds and their religious preference is never a factor in them receiving assistance.


The company founder continued by saying that they at KBG Insurance & Financial also offer many choices in insurance including a wide variety of homeowners insurance options. On the personal side, they also offer auto insurance, life insurance, health insurance, umbrella coverage, and hard to find types of insurances such as earthquake, high net wealth, and ATV & Powersports Insurance. He pointed out that their commercial insurance options include Farm & Crop, Workers Compensation, General Liability, and many others too. Loera added that they carry a wide variety of insurance options from a large selection of insurance carriers to get their clients the most coverage possible at the lowest premium prices.


For more information about KBG Insurance & Financial, contact the company here:

KBG Insurance & Financial
Joshua Loera
(509) 242-3244
601 W 1st Avenue Suite 1400
Spokane, WA 99201