Spirulina Wiki Announces Availability of E3Live BrainON Supplements On Their Website

E3Live BrainOn Supplement, one of the frequently bought superfoods produced by the company E3Live, is now available at the Spirulina Wiki website. A comprehensive review of this type of blue green algae extract (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) can be seen at their website.

Spirulina Wiki highlights the fact that E3Live has been producing premium and high-quality blue green algae supplements such as E3Live BrainOn since 1995. They claim they are 100% safe, organic, kosher certified, vegan, and chemical-free. This particular type of spirulina has also won “Best Non-Liquid Supplement” during the 2014 Annual Best of Raw Awards.

e3live brainon review

E3Live BrainON is a popular blue green algae product with more concentrated extracts of PEA (Phenylethylamine) and Phycocyanin. Spirulina Wiki claims that the company, E3Live, harvests their spirulina at the Upper Klamath Lake located at the southernmost part of Oregon. The lake is believed to be where the world's richest strain of certified organic and wild-harvested AFA can be found.

Spirulina Wiki claims that based on research, PEA is a natural antidepressant that may help improve your mood. The other active ingredient, Phycocyanin, may also contribute to enhancing brain function. With these combined benefits, the website claims the E3Live BrainOn supplement may be perfect for people working at a fast paced environment - get the much needed nutrition, feel energized, think clearly, enhance mood effect, and manage everyday stress effectively.

Moreover, research claims that regular intake of blue green algae that are rich in PEA such as the E3Live BrainON supplement can be a safer alternative treatment to depression. It may also help diagnose and manage ADHD, as well as create “Runner’s High”, a euphoric feeling mostly experienced after intense physical activity such as running or exercising.

The E3Live BrainON supplement can be purchased in various forms depending on your personal preference. Spirulina Wiki highlights they are available in powdered form, capsule form, and fresh frozen liquid form. The capsule form has a dosage of 400mg and is available in three variations – 60 c, 120 ct, and 240 ct. E3Live recommends taking 2 caps per day. The powdered form, however, is available only in weights of 50 grams. You may also buy a box of singles containing 30sticks (1g/stick).

The fresh frozen liquid form of BrainON is also one of a kind. Spirulina Wiki claims E3Live is the only company to offer this blue green algae (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA)) in this form, the closest to its natural high-energy state found in nature. It is available in a 16oz bottle and in .5oz stick (32ct). Since blue green algae products are known to have a fishy smell and taste, an apple/lemon flavored (16oz/bottle) option gives it a refreshing citrus taste, not overwhelming, nor too sweet. And for those who really need that extra brain boost, Spirulina Wiki recommends the fresh frozen liquid BrainON supreme. They claim it is packed with 4x the amount of brain support extracts and is an ideal choice for students where increased concentration is required for dealing with projects and exams.

Spirulina Wiki also highlights how to use the E3Live BrainON supplement. For the powdered form, they recommend to take 1 scoop of powder 1-2 times per day before you do any activity that needs increased mental function. For the capsule form, you may take 1-2 caps per day. As for the fresh frozen liquid form, the bottle needs to be kept frozen until ready to use. With a shelf life of approximately 7-10 days, the website highly recommends to consume 1 bottle per week for optimum results. A special precaution is also highlighted especially for pregnant or nursing mothers to consult their primary health care provider before starting on this supplement.

Those interested can check out the various resources of the Spirulina Wiki website for a more comprehensive review on E3Live BrainON supplement, as well as other blue green algae spirulina products such as E3Live Blue Majik Spirulina.


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