Specialty Foundation Repair Is Offering Solutions To Crawl Space Moisture Problems In Concord, NC

Specialty Foundation Repair is offering property owners cost-effective and long-lasting solutions to fix crawlspace moisture problems in Concord, NC.

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Crawlspaces are notorious breeding grounds for mold and mildew. One of the first signs of mold damage is the presence of a dusty sheen on the rafters and other exposed surfaces in the crawlspace that is moist to the touch. Soon, the area also develops a musty smell reminiscent of an old, abandoned building. Humidity in the crawlspace is the biggest factor in the growth of mold. Crawlspaces get so humid that if the growth of organic matter is left unchecked it can lead to lasting structural damage that can weaken and jeopardize the integrity of the entire home.

There are a few techniques that can be used to mitigate the damage that the growth of mold and mildew can have on crawlspaces. One of the most popular solutions, crawlspace vents, can provide ventilation to the area. However, depending on the weather in the region, this can exacerbate the problem. Consequently, the best judge for the ideal method that is going to work for a property’s crawlspace moisture problems is an experienced local waterproofing contractor who is aware of the challenges that homeowners in the region face. For the residents of Concord, NC, that waterproofing expert is Michael Masserang from Specialty Foundation Repair.

Michael Masserang has been in the foundation repair and waterproofing industry since 1993. He has performed hundreds of inspections on foundations and crawlspaces, identifying and repairing a multitude of foundation, structural, and waterproofing issues commonly found in residential and commercial structures. He is a certified expert in foundation repair, waterproofing, structural repair, and crawlspace air quality. Michael offers an independent analysis of a home’s crawlspace problems and suggests solutions that last while staying within the homeowner’s budget.


When asked about his opinion on the best way to minimize the moisture in crawlspaces, Michael says, “There are two methods that are known to work. The first method is crawlspace encapsulation where the contractor closes off all the crawlspace vents, solves drainage problems, cleans biofilm contaminants from the floor system, and installs a pool liner over the crawlspace soils including wrapping crawlspace piers and sealing the liner to the foundation wall of the crawlspace. This method requires the use of a commercial humidifier to remove moisture build-up from the air. However, crawlspace encapsulations are expensive, cause the air inside to become stale, make termite inspections impossible, and require expensive HVAC upgrades to maintain safety and code. The second method is a dew point-controlled crawlspace ventilation system. It is based on the principles of using crawlspace vents but refines the method by eliminating its key drawbacks. With a dew point-controlled system, existing crawlspace vents are used to introduce outside air into the crawlspace envelope when it is drier outside. The system also requires the installation of a controller, interior and exterior sensors, fans at strategic locations on the house, and another network of fans to service dead corners to effectively solve the moisture problem. It is much more cost-effective and easier to maintain than a moisture mitigation solution that requires the sealing of a crawlspace.”

Specialty Foundation Repair relies on the ATMOX system which is a dew point controlled ventilation system that ensures the opening and closing of the vents at the right time. According to the Concord waterproofing and crawlspace moisture solution contractor’s website, the ATMOX system has several advantages. It uses warranty fans that run on low voltage technology. It eschews the need for dehumidifiers, HVACs, or extra insulation. It allows for fresh air to enter the crawlspace based on the outside temperature and humidity. The ATMOX system also eliminates odors and smells from gassing soil, plastic, and other construction materials while also reducing long-term maintenance costs. Most importantly, the ATMOX system is readily available for attics in Northern climates.”

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